Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The beginning!!

I am finally joining the blog world! After reading other blogs for so long I decided I might as well start my own. I think they are so much fun and I love seeing pictures of everyone's families. Also since I am not on facebook, myspace, or anything else I thought I might as well have a blog so I can keep up with people I do not get to see very often!

A little about me...Nathan and I are both originally from Dothan. We live in Birmingham and I teach kindergarten and love it. We just had our first baby girl, Hayes Elizabeth, born January 24. It is hard to believe she is almost 6 weeks old. Time is flying! She is getting so big and changing every day. I am loving being off work and staying home with her right now. Every little noise, smile, and facial expression is so precious and I could just eat her ! I'm sure you'll hear a lot about her!!! Here are some pictures of her first days at home.

She loves her swing and playmat and has been a lot more alert lately. We're so happy for that because that means more night time sleep for all of us!!