Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A New Trick

I told y'all I love videos. Here is a new one for the grandparents! W's new favorite hobby is throwing/fetching the ball. He will do this over and over and loves it! I'm so glad I caught it on video. Feel free to skip over it if you're not a grandparent, it won't hurt my feelings. Just wanted to document so we wouldn't forget about him doing this!

W-11 mos

My Silly Babies

Happiness is seeing your babies playing together,

smiling together,

laughing together,

because the youngest finally got his tubes and feels like a new baby,

and his parents feel like new people too because the fussing is now minimal to none and there is no medicine sitting on the kitchen counter. We are in a blissful (but probably short) state where everyone is well!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these little bitty blessings that we wake up to each day.
Thank you, Lord!

H-3 yrs
W-11 mos

Saturday, January 28, 2012

My Baby is 11 months!

Little Watson man turned 11 months this past week. How can that be? I can't believe that 1st birthday is less than a month away now. I am so not ready for him to be a toddler. Seems like he was just born last week!

He is so funny. He feels 1000000000 times better since having his new tubes and adenoids out. He really is a new baby, everbody says that and it's so true. It made a huge difference w/him. I don't think he felt 100% from the time he was born until 10 1/2 months-how sad! He is a jolly little thing. I think he is finally liking MDO now. And I think his teachers are finally starting to tolerate him-hahaha! just kidding. I know they loved him, BUT I know it's difficult to take care of a fussy baby, especially when that fussy baby is not your own child! LOVE those ladies. He makes the funniest little wrinkled up nose smile when he gets excited. He crawls as fast as I can run (sadly.) He is not walking yet, just holding onto furniture and making his way around the room. He can get anything he wants to get his hands on! He LOVES playing in the playroom, with or without his sister. He is Mr. Independent in there. It's a great feeling to leave them both in there to play and know he can't get hurt (unless she tackles him, which happens often?) They tend to play rough w/each other, which is so surprising to me about Hayes, not him. He likes to wrestle and play rough w/Nathan. He can THROW a BALL like a champ. He's been practicing this new skill everyday and it's hilarious. Maybe he will be a ball player like his daddy.

I told Nathan I feel like one of the swamp people who wrestle alligators all day! He makes me WORK to change his diaper. No laying there w/a book, toy or anything while getting his diaper changed. He is as strong as he can be and can flip as fast and hard as those big alligators. And sometimes, he wins! And he speed crawls away w/no diaper for a little while!

His naps are still unpredictable. He takes 2 still, but lengths vary every day. Some days his afternoon nap may be 30 min. and sometimes 2 hours. Never a sure thing and I just can't count on it every day. I guess I got really spoiled w/Hayes' long naps. This man doesn't like to miss a second of playtime by being in his bed. Night times are wonderful. He goes to bed and 7 pm and is up around 7:15-7:30 am. Baby alligators need their nighttime sleep!

His eating has become picky. Things I know he will eat-bananas, cereal bars, yogurt, Gerber meals like chicken and vegetables, cheese grits, applesauce, dry cereal, spaghetti, crackers, cheese, and anything we are eating. He is not a fan of his highchair lately.

He is super fun, precious, fiesty, quick tempered, loving, SNUGGLY as can be, and LOVES his mama. He has his 3 biggest fans right here w/him every day and we all love him to the moon and back. God made him just perfect for our family and we're so thankful we get to love and raise him. Happy 11 months little Buddy!!! We can't wait to celebrate the BIG ONE w/you next month!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The birthday girl had a big day

That's a big 3 on that strawberry muffin this morning for my baby. 3 whole years of being her parents. What a huge gift she is in our lives!

She requested "sugar" muffins this morning so we had strawberry instead and then opened a few presents

She had her 3 yr. checkup (won't be doing that again on a birthday) and it went great, just lasted a little too long for a birthday morning. She is a healthy girl. I am so thankful.

Snacks help pass the time, and make little brother mad sometimes. sorry buddy!

Chick Fil A and ice cream for lunch, rest time w/Max and Ruby and goldfish and then swinging outside.

It was a great day and fun celebrating her 3 years of life. We sang happy birthday to her again at bedtime and she smiled the whole time. I hope she will always know how special she is. We had a parenting seminar on Sunday and oh my goodness, it scares me to death now to think about the future when our kids are bigger. All of the things kids deal with are way too much to think about. I wish we could just freeze time and keep them the way they are right now, tender and so innocent! We have alot of praying to do. That's a whole other post though. I just love this age, but I've loved every age! Happy 3 years baby Hayes! You are loved WAY more than you will ever know or understand!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Hayes' 3rd Birthday Party

We celebrated Hayes 3rd birthday over the weekend! Wow I can't believe I just wrote that she is THREE! We had all of our family in town and it was such a great weekend. Nathan and I feel extremely grateful for our family coming to celebrate with us. They all had to travel and we appreciate every single one of them making the trip. Even sweet Uncle Cory who just had ACL/knee surgery a few weeks ago came. Now that is one sweet uncle who hobbled up here for a 3 yr old jumping party! (He is doing really good though!) We decided to have her party at JumpZone this year, since her favorite thing to do ever is jump and bounce and slide. Seemed like a logical choice, and then after I booked it, I started thinking out of all the jump parties we have been to, they have all been boy parties! Oh well, my girl likes to do some jumping and sliding so that's what we went with!

Watson had just as big of a time as Hayes and the other big kids did. He was all over that place. I carried his wiggly monkey self through one of the obstacle courses (not easy) and down one of the slides and he died laughing the whole time!

Hayes had no idea everyone was singing happy birthday to her. She was super focused on getting her capri sun straw in. She requested donuts early on so that's what we had instead of cake.

After the party we had our family over for round 2 to eat lunch and play for a bit before everyone had to leave.

It was a fun filled weekend! Thank you to all of the family and friends who came to celebrate our big girl with us! You are all very much appreciated. Happy 3rd Birthday Miss Hayes!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pajama Day

If there is one thing in life my girl really dislikes it is getting dressed. Every day is a CHORE to get her dressed and ready, shoes and socks, and then that HAIR! Those curls are wild and tangly in the morning without a spray bottle, detangler and a good brushing. So with the cloudy cold weather we've been having, there have been a lot of pajama days. And one thing I have figured out with pajama days, these are days that she will fall asleep in the afternoons. We took a trip to the dr. to see what she thought about Hayes 4 month cough. She can't seem to kick it. We got some medicine, better than over the counter, so I hope it does the trick!!

I did at least get her hair brushed before we went.

If Hayes is not getting dressed neither is the little one!

I think I've mentioned on here before that I love our pediatrician. She's SO smart, and a MOM, so she understands my over-reactions to coughs, fevers, sniffles, etc. I'm thankful she doesn't get annoyed with our continuous presence in her office. Plus, I think she truly does care about my children (and all her patients) and that makes a huge difference to this mama!

H-35 months
W-10 months

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Weekend and Conversations

It seems our little man was not out of the woods after his tubes/adenoids on Thursday like I thought! He got a fever Friday night and kept it pretty much all weekend off and on. I have felt so sorry for him. A fever makes a baby so pitiful and it makes me so nervous. He and I stayed home today from church and he seems to be feeling better tonight. He's had a lot of motrin, lots of snuggling, and lots of baths. I just keep thinking the baths make him feel a little better. He was happy and playing and eating tonight which is a good sign that he's on the mend.

I had a sweet conversation with Hayes that I just want to remember, so I thought I would put it on here. I wish I could remember everything because it's all so funny. She is at a great age. I know I say/think that all the time about every age. But she's just like a little adult, except completely and totally innocent and adorably naive. I love it

Hayes-hey mommy, how are you?
me-I'm fine how you are? (and back and forth 5 times)
Hayes-what are you doing mommy?
me-I'm washing watson's bottles so he can drink milk tomorrow
Hayes-oh you're washing his bottles?
me-yes and when you grow up and have babies you'll wash their bottles too
Hayes-but i don't have any soap
me-you will have some soap when you grow up and have a husband and a house
Hayes-oh I have a house outside (her playhouse) and runs back to watch her night night show

When Nathan was putting her to bed and saying prayers he said she was getting sleepy. He asked her if there was anything she wanted to thank God for? Hayes-Mrs. Meg and Mrs. Abby and that's it! I think she was done w/the prayers.

That's all the sweet sappiness I have to share tonight. We're about to get in high gear w/some birthday celebrating. I am excited, not nearly as excited as Hayes though. She's been talking about her birthday and Watson's birthday for months, basically since he was born.

Lastly, is anyone else having trouble w/blogger or is just me? I cannot add any background to this boring white page to save my life! And the double and triple spacing is out of control! I can't seem to fix it though. I am not a fan of technology changes!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Update on our patient

Just wanted to give a quick update on Watson's tubes this morning. They took his adenoids too b/c they were so big. He was a trooper! Got up 2 hours early, no bottle/breakfast, waited for an hour before they called him back, didn't cry when they took him from me or when they brought him back-VERY out of character for him-thank you for the prayers! I am so glad too because I was by myself and Nathan stayed home w/Hayes. The sleepy/agitated state is the most nerve wracking process of the whole thing. He was pretty lethargic for a little while and snuggled in my lap without moving a muscle. So, I did enjoy his recovery time!

We had a good bit of time to wait on different people coming in.

All dressed and ready to go! I was so glad they let him take his monkey and paci back w/him!

It was a good experience. I am so grateful that we live here w/quick access to great doctors and hospitals. The whole process from seeing the ENT doctor for the 1st time to getting tubes today took only 2 days. That is God's hand for sure. I think he knew we couldn't take many more ear infections at our house! I hope it makes him feel so much better and I think he already does. He's already logged in several hours of playtime today since we got home and now is napping (along w/Hayes and that only happens about once a month-must be my lucky day.) Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!

And not to leave out this sweet thing, she has had some special time w/her Daddy this week. She got to go to work w/him Tuesday morning for a little bit while we were at the doctor and went to get a strawberry donut w/just the two of them this morning. Tubes for Watson are just making everybody in this house happy. I told Nathan if we ever have another baby I hope they can get tubes in their ears before they come home from the hospital. It sure would save a whole lot of trouble for the 1st year-hahhaha!!

W-10 months