Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The birthday girl had a big day

That's a big 3 on that strawberry muffin this morning for my baby. 3 whole years of being her parents. What a huge gift she is in our lives!

She requested "sugar" muffins this morning so we had strawberry instead and then opened a few presents

She had her 3 yr. checkup (won't be doing that again on a birthday) and it went great, just lasted a little too long for a birthday morning. She is a healthy girl. I am so thankful.

Snacks help pass the time, and make little brother mad sometimes. sorry buddy!

Chick Fil A and ice cream for lunch, rest time w/Max and Ruby and goldfish and then swinging outside.

It was a great day and fun celebrating her 3 years of life. We sang happy birthday to her again at bedtime and she smiled the whole time. I hope she will always know how special she is. We had a parenting seminar on Sunday and oh my goodness, it scares me to death now to think about the future when our kids are bigger. All of the things kids deal with are way too much to think about. I wish we could just freeze time and keep them the way they are right now, tender and so innocent! We have alot of praying to do. That's a whole other post though. I just love this age, but I've loved every age! Happy 3 years baby Hayes! You are loved WAY more than you will ever know or understand!!

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The Cains said...

Happy happy birthday sweet girl!!! I can't believe 3 is here! Love her outfit Amy!