Monday, September 26, 2011

7 Months

Our Watson man is 7 months old! Each month is going by quicker and quicker. And he's getting bigger and bigger and seems to have new tricks for us about every other day.

He is a pure mess! He is the biggest smiler, but then can all of a sudden do a complete 180 and get so mad! He is a mama's boy. If I walk away or he can't see me, he will scream his little head off. He is like a little ball of fire. His 2 bottom teeth are coming in-he's worked hard for those little things so I am proud for him. He is a complete drool monster. He laughs alot and likes to be tickled. He is a good sleeper-I can't believe I just wrote that-but he finally is! Sleeps b/t 12-13 hours each night. He takes about 2-3 naps still but times and lengths are all inconsistent.

He is just about to crawl any day now! He rocks on all 4's and moves all over the place to get what he wants. He grabs everything in his path. It's so fun to watch him and Hayes interact too. I think he is in love with her. He just dies laughing at her and is constantly looking around for her. They like to play in his room and her room together. And she is quite the little mama to him. He likes the camera. He is definitely happiest outside. He's a total monkey and it's so hard to hold him. He will just about jump out of your arms, I have to be so careful to hold onto him tight! He drinks about 4 bottles a day, and eats baby food in between. He likes it all. We have tried a few puffs, but he's not interested yet.

He is still getting used to going to MDO. I think it's getting a little better but I don't think he'll be getting any awards for good conduct yet. It seems to take him and Hayes both a while to warm up to new situations.

Happy 7 months to our big boy!! We love you, W!

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Hayes just started ballet-last week was the 1st class. Today was the 2nd class. She is all pink from head to toe along w/the other little girls. I love it!

Last week there were definitely tears at the drop-off, and tears when I picked her up. Today was much better. She got upset when I left but she seemed happy when I got her so I think she enjoyed it. I know she will love it when she starts learning a few things. She knows lots of the little girls in there with her so I know they will all have fun together!

A little bribery goes a long way with this one. A sucker seems to be the way to her heart.

They have a visitors day in February. I can't wait to see what they do!

Hayes-31 months

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Head Over Teal

Nathan ran in the Head over Teal 5k on Saturday on our friend Ginny B.'s team. It raises money for ovarian cancer research. He left bright and early and we came later to the family day part. It was a great morning to be outside! They had lots of kids activities which kept Hayes entertained, a fishing game, hat decorating, bouncy house, balloons, clowns, popcorn and dancing. It was lots of fun!

The McNeese's were there too-Here are Watson and Clara, both getting so big!

Bella, Ginny, and Hayes

Sunday, September 18, 2011


My best attempts this morning at capturing these 2...nearly impossible, especially when their photo attention span is .00001 seconds!

H-31 months
W-6 months

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Our house this week

Things are not quite the same this week at home w/out our little Hayes running around. She is in Dothan this week playing and spending time w/grandparents, cousins, and everyone else. Nana and Papa (my mom and Gregg) came last weekend and gave us a date weekend away and kept the babies. SO MUCH FUN! I could get used to that about every other weekend! Then she went back to Dothan w/them on Sunday to stay w/her Shug and Grandaddy until Thursday. I hear she is having a grand time doing all kinds of fun things. I also heard she's been up WAY before the crack of dawn-sorry Shug and Grandaddy. Can you please try to get that out of her system before she gets back? It's been nice having time w/just Watson. He's had 100% of our attention and that's been nice for him! I've had some good free time and running around time to places I don't get to go to often. I've sorted and organized fall/winter clothes for the kids and ordered tons of pics for the photo albums and written thank-you notes and other odd jobs that require time and thinking! And I've been to about 55 stores over the last few days and now I'm over it. I still have a few things on my to-do list but they'll never get done. I really don't care! I'm ready to get my baby back so I can have both my little birds in their nests and get back to our normal routine!

Here is Hayes singing happy birthday to Watson. She's been really into birthday song and made him this puzzle piece cake. His birthday is nowhere in sight but she's teaching him what to do when the time comes!

H-31 months
W-6 months

Friday, September 9, 2011

Today was better

Today was day 2 of school. I am sooooo proud of my two munchkins for having good days today, better than Wednesday! Watson's teachers said he did better and was not as fussy-YAY for slight improvement, W!! I hope that continues. As long as he is eating/just finished eating or is strolling or outside he is a happy man. He was happy when I picked him up!

Miss Hayes did so much better too. She got a little upset when I dropped her off, but I just kissed her and ran out and she was fine in a minute. I am teaching in the 2's this year, so I am right down the hall from her which will be so fun. When else in her life can I let her go to school but still see what all she does!? So I am good w/that for the next few years while she is in preschool at Covenant. I don't want to think past these years when she gets to big school!

I peeked at her about 10 and she was playing w/trucks and walking around the room. All the 2's eat lunch together and she did so good when she saw me at lunch, surprisingly, no tears! She didn't even get out of her seat, just waved at me and kept eating. She got in line with her cute lunchbox and followed Mrs. Abby out the door and was fine leaving me behind. She ate her whole lunch and didn't get up once. Quite impressive and different from home for sure. It's so funny how they can be so different when they're away from home. I used to tell my kindergarten parents that all the time, and now from a parent perspective I know it's so true!

In the afternoons we have loved going out to enjoy this cooler weather. The favorite activity is strolling babies, fast and furiously. She will stroll them forever and not get tired of it. Such a little mama. She is going to Dothan next week to stay w/her grandparents. We are going to miss her so much. She's my little sidekick for sure. So it will be just the big W and us all week! I'm excited about some one on one time with him!

My teaching partner, Cassie! She's alot of fun. I love her already! Looking forward to a great school year, and maybe a little less crazy next week! (I am sure she will love that I'm posting her pic on here-sorry Cassie.)

Happy Friday. Warrrrrrrrrrr Eagle, HEY!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The First Day of School

Today was the first day of school at Covenant! Hayes ate breakfast and got dressed super fast. She was all smiles and so excited about the 2 year old class. But then when we got to school and we dropped off little brother first, she was all tears! She recovered pretty quick and got happy again until we got close to her classroom door, then the tears started flowing again-so sad! But it didn't last long I hear and was completely fine after I was gone. She said her favorite things were going to music, eating goldfish and playing in the kitchen. I hope she will adjust quickly. I know she is going to love it!

1st Day of the 2's-Mrs. Abby and Mrs. Meg's Class

1st Day for W-Bunnies Class-I hear he was semi-fussy, but a good eater. Sounds about right!

I'm hoping for a tear-free day on Friday!

H-31 months
W-6 months

Monday, September 5, 2011

I like to swing!!!

Watson's 1st time swinging at the park...

I love that he can have an "activity" now at the playground instead of hanging out in the stroller watching Hayes.

He loved it!

W-6 months

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Saturday morning mix

It's football Saturday! and since we wake up way too early at our house it seemed like a good time to update the blog w/a very random mixture of stuff from our week.

School starts next week on Wednesday! Hayes is soooooo excited about the 2 year old class. We've been talking about it alot and she says every day she is going to the 2 year old class. She got her haircut this week about an inch and it looks so cute. Yesterday we shopped (I-she played) for a 1st day dress. It's precious. I hope she still likes it by Wednesday. I'm getting really excited about fall clothes, except that it won't be the season to wear them until about November! I have a ton of stuff I am consigning this season for the 1st time. It seems like way too big of a job. We will see if it's worth it when I get the check though!

W had his 6 month checkup. He is 18lbs and 27 1/2 inches and a healthy boy. Thank you Lord for our healthy baby!

We went to the new little kids gym in Vestavia this week called Wee Flip. It was fun! Hayes did not want to leave. We will be going back. If you live here please go. I don't want them to go out of business. We need this place. An indoor place to burn off energy is awesome!

On Tuesday morning we woke up to a surprise box from my mom-Nana. What a fun way to wake up. Hayes was most excited about her bag of cheese puffs-which she ate for breakfast. I was excited about everything else! She's always been so good at putting stuff together. Our stockings at Christmas have always been so much fun-lots of little presents wrapped up. Thanks Nana for thinking of us this week. We can't wait to see you next weekend!!

We went to McWane this week w/some friends. Now is the perfect time to go w/all the big kids back in school. We were almost the only ones there which was very nice. I always get a little "teacher snap" in me when I see big kids in the little kids climbing/play area!

And that's about it! I'm making these ham and cheese sliders today and can't wait. I love these little things. Recipe from HERE.