Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The First Haircut

We've been talking about getting Hayes' hair cut for some time now. It just needed a little shaping up with all those wispy curls everywhere. I made her an appt. last week w/a sweet lady my friend Katie suggested. We talked it up to Hayes for the last week or so but I still didn't know how she would do. She's not one for letting people mess with her! But, we went this morning and she met Marcella and saw where she would sit in the big chair. She was clingy at first, but a few packs of fruit snacks cured that and she climbed right up and sat there like a big girl for about 15 minutes. Go Hayes!

Little brother just watched!

All finished...just a tad bit shorter

A treat for the big girl (and Mommy too). I'm thinking I need a treat most every day that I can get us out of the house all in one piece with all of our stuff. It's quite a chore!

Friday, March 25, 2011

JWK-1 Month

Happy 1 Month, Watson!

Today you weigh 10 lbs and 8 oz

Wearing Size 1 diapers

Clothes-popping out of the NB clothes, 3 months are much more comfortable

Eating-ALOT every 3 hours during the day

Play-starting to stay awake a little longer after each feeding, thankfully that's just during the day. At night you go back to sleep quickly.

Sleeping- You nap great during the day if we are out and about in your carseat. Every now and then you will nap in the swing or your crib between feedings(not soundly though), so not loving the naps at home yet. We swaddle you tight at night in the miracle blanket (love that thing, sorry it's pink!) You go to bed around 8:30 and usually go 4-5 hour stretches-sometimes getting up once, sometimes twice to eat if you can't make it until morning. So far you win 1st place hands down over your sister for sleeping at night!

You have already had a busy month. Lots of outings already. I guess that is being the 2nd child, and every other child after that! You don't seem to mind though.

We look forward to seeing what month #2 brings for you. We love you sweet boy and are so thankful you are now a part of our family!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Give me 5-For the Grandparents

I just looked at some videos from today and saw this one and died laughing! I could not understand her at first, it was a mix between high five and give me five. It takes me a minute to process her little language sometimes.

My Babies

She is so crazy about him! It is so cute to hear the way she talks to him. "Good Morning, buddy. Hey buddy. Sweet boy. I love you Bud. Wake up Mr. Watson. Tickle Tickle! Hey Watson. I'm gonna get you! Hey brother. Hey sweet boy. Tickle Tickle." over and over!!

She is 26 months today. He will be 1 month tomorrow. I still can't believe God gave them both to us. I will cry if I think about it too long. Precious days to remember with them being this little and so sweet to each other...hope it will stay this way, at least for awhile!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Morning and the Weekend so far

The little man and I are home again together this morning all by ourselves. Nathan and Hayes are gone to church. They were ready way earlier than we normally are, and Nathan reminded me that they (as in only the 2 of them) have been early for the past 3 Sundays (obviously b/c I am not with them.) No fear about that though...I hope for us all 4 to be there next Sunday. I need and am ready to get back in our Sunday routine. I think Watson will be ready by next Sunday for a little praise and worship time and Sunday school, and hopefully we will be on time. We will see!!

We have had some fun outings this weekend for the 1st time as a fam of 4. Friday night we went to eat Mexican (at 4:45-our nights start early these days) and then to Homewood Park so Hayes could play. The weather has been beautiful all weekend, way too nice to be inside. So Watson had his 1st two trips to the playground both on Friday. He slept through both of them.

Saturday we went to Tip Top Grill-so yummy. Nathan and I used to go here nearly every Saturday for a long time, before Hayes was born. It was a perfect day to sit outside and our friends Jason and Emily and Hudson met us there. Watson and Hudson slept the whole time. Sweet little boys. Then we took a little trip to Star Lake to see the turtles, ducks and fish. We thought that would be just as entertaining for Hayes as the park, and it was. She kept saying "the ducks are hungry" over and over. It was fun for her to see them up close instead of in books or on the computer!

And Watson slept the whole time of course!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Our Spring Break/Watson-3 weeks today!

Today Watson is 3 weeks old! This is the first week I have been on my own w/both Hayes and Watson, (we miss you Nana!) and it just happened to be spring break week for Hayes. So that meant nowhere for her to go, just a week at home w/me and the new baby. It really has been a good week considering I feel like we've been on house arrest. All week we have played inside and she's been a pretty good sport about it. On Wednesday she started saying "go somewhere" over and over. I felt bad for her. And yesterday she told Nathan she wanted to go to the doctor, which means she was wanting to get out of the house really bad! We have played outside in the late afternoons since the weather has warmed up, and today we went to the playground for her to play for a bit. The weather is too nice this weekend to stay in so we'll be heading outside when Nathan gets home today!!

I just gave this little boy a bath, and then we went outside to calm his fussy little self down, and in the sun his hair was as RED as it could be! So at 3 weeks I am documenting that we might have a red headed child! who knows it could change b/c it sure doesn't look like that when you glance at him, but in the bright light it was definitely red! I know some people who will love this!

He has just fallen into the feed/wake/sleep cycle pretty well over the past few days and has started eating on the hour every 3 hours, which makes his schedule predictable. I need that! Last night he slept in his own crib in his room and did great. I fed him at 8:30 for the last time and he slept until 2:30. Then he went every 3 hours after that. I felt like I was ready to get up for the day at 2:30. It was much needed sleep for me. He is still sleeping in his boppy pillow. I'm not sure why I started that the first night, but he loves it and seems super cozy in there!

Every day when Nathan gets home we are usually waiting for him outside. About a month ago when he drove up Hayes would jump in the car w/him at the end of the driveway and ride to the top of the driveway in the front seat.

She thinks she is so big doing this! It's a daily thing now. She has to get on her shoes and run out there so she won't miss him every day, and if she does miss him, she still runs out and they have to get back in the car and drive back down the driveway and then back up. I have no idea how long they will do this, I guess until Nathan gets tired of it and tells her No-haha-not happening!

Puzzles, books, blocks, Easter crafts, and Cedarmont Kids-we have not used our dvd player in about 3 months, but by Wednesday morning it was my saving grace for her. Spring breaks are very different these days!


She does too and has a hard time keeping her hands off him. We love having a little boy in the house!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Friday, March 11, 2011

Watson at 2 weeks

Watson is 2 weeks old today. 14 days have gone by so fast! He already seems so much bigger and different from when we brought him home from the hospital. He is a SWEET baby and we love having him home with us!

So far he is a good eater and sleeper (fingers crossed.) He eats about every 3 hours during the day and it takes him about an hour each time. He is a champion eater-check out those cheeks- and then he's pretty content until the next mealtime.

Sleeping-some days he is awake most of the day and other days he sleeps all day. Either way is fine w/me b/c he's pretty good even when he's awake. At night I feed him for the last time around 8:30 or so and then he wakes up usually around 1 or 1:30 and then between 4 and 5. So far this schedule is like a dream compared to Hayes' newborn days! She was up every hour or 2 at least when she was a newborn so anything is better than that! With Hayes I always stayed up until 10 to do the last feeding, but oh no not this time. I cannot keep my eyes open that late so I'm not even attempting to do that to myself. He is still sleeping in the boppy in the cradle in our room and he likes it. We like him being in there b/c we like his sound machine. I think Nathan and I will have to get one for ourselves once he moves to his room. He's taken a few long naps in his crib in the afternoons this week and has done great being in there. Wednesday was the best afternoon b/c I had both him and Hayes napping at the same time. And it lasted about 3 hours-so NICE!! I don't know how often that will happen but it was the best feeling to know they were both tucked in and sleeping soundly.

Hayes loves him. She constantly says "hey baby Watson" and likes to tell him what she is doing at the moment..."I'm eating baby Watson," "I'm doing puzzles baby Watson." It's so cute. He has also been the recipient of several pokes and jabs to the face/eyes/ears b/c she loves to point out his body parts to him. She just loves to touch him and I can't blame her. He's super sweet and super kissable so he's pretty hard to resist!
Enjoy the weekend!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

School Picture Day and such

Here is a preview of the school pictures taken yesterday for Hayes. I snapped it before she left just in case the real ones don't turn out. I hope she is not sucking her thumb in her real picture that comes home. We have a super hard time getting her to take the thumb out, and look and the camera, and smile-3 hard tasks for a 2 year old!

She is off gallavanting with her Nana this morning, looking for a new puzzle and then going to storytime, (which is why I'm able to post something!) I'm glad she is able to get out of the house and do something fun. Next week will be a different story when she doesn't have 100% of someone's attention all day long. I think it will be good for her. Any mamas w/some tips on nursing while you have a toddler would be appreciated. I'm nervous to see what she will do to our house and herself in the time it takes me to feed him.

This cutie pie has the sniffles today. I think it's because big sis sneezed on his face a few days ago. And she woke up early w/an ear infection, but thankfully we already had some drops. Say a prayer for our house that the germs will stay away if you would!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Watson's 1st Week

If I don't start posting I am going to forget everything! The first week w/Watson home has been a good one. My mom is here so that is helping a ton. She's a good playmate for Hayes and we are very appreciative of all her cooking for us and her waiting on me-thank you NANA! I hope she doesn't get too tired of us. Plus, Nathan has been home all week from work and that's been so nice. He's taken Hayes to storytime twice and worked inside and outside and been a super husband and daddy. I cannot ask for more than that. Therefore, it's been nice having 3 on 2 for week 1!!
Next week my Mom will still be here so we'll be 2 on 2. Then the next week I'm on my own. Just me vs. the little ones. Then daily life will set in. I may not be posting anything that week!

Here are just a few pictures of some sweetness from week 1...

He's been sleeping in his boppy pillow in the cradle in our room. He seems pretty snug and content there. The sound machine helps us all. Hayes was an EXTREMELY noisy sleeper from day 1. I heard every breath and peep she made. Once he falls asleep we don't even know he's in our room anymore, YET! Once that happens he'll be moving solo to his own room!

Hayes loves her little brother. It took a few days for her to start noticing him. Now she wants to touch him, hug him, kiss him, smash his paci into his mouth, get his diapers, etc. She really is a good little helper. Then she runs away to play.

This morning we dropped Hayes off at school and then had his 1 week check up. He did great and only made a little peep when he got his little heel pricked. He's over his birthweight so I'm glad to know he's eating enough. 8 lbs 5 oz. today of precious baby. All I do is KISS, KISS, KISS all over him. I can't help it!

Hayes on the way to school when she realized Watson was going to be her new backseat playmate-SO happy!

Overall it's been a really good week. We give all the thanks to God for how He is taking care of us during this adjustment time. Nathan and I had a date night on Wednesday night to Chuy's thanks to Nana, and then I went to a sale yesterday all by myself-nice little breaks!! Those won't happen very often once all the good help goes home though so we're loving the extra hands!