Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Tunnel

We got a tunnel and tent last year for Christmas from Nana and Papa. It has provided an endless amount of entertainment over the past year! We leave it set up all the time so it gets used at least once a day at some point. Watson has just now discovered it and is so interested in it! He finally decided to brave his way through it, which is kind of scary w/Hayes jumping all over it while he's in there. Now he loves it!! I love seeing them play together like this. It's hilarious to hear them laughing together!! I would highly recommend a tunnel for your Christmas list. They're pretty cheap and tons of fun.

H-32 mos.
W-7 mos.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

33 months and 8 months

These little people are growing up! Is it strange that I still count months for Hayes' age? I just think it will be helpful years from now when I'm looking back at this blog to know exactly how old she was instead of around 2 or 3 or 4, etc!

Right now she is into playing outside, helping in the kitchen, being a mommy to Watson (do you hear me Watson? I want you to obey Watson!), using the potty by herself, loves school and ballet, coloring and watercoloring, her family, running pretend errands to publix in her little car, greeting the neighbors, saying the blessing, cupcakes, the color blue, playgrounds, Sprout and Miss Pattycake, favorite foods right now are peanut butter/jelly, corn on the cob, popcorn, cereal. She repeats everything we say, she's such a sponge!!

And this little one is 8 months! His first year is completely flying by. Busy, busy baby. He is into everything and I can't leave him for a second. He is crawling everywhere and pulls up on everything. I moved a lot of toys from the playroom into his room today so he can pull up and fall over all he needs to on the carpet!

He's slowly losing the separation syndrome since he can crawl and play. I think he just associated mommy w/his mode of transportation, so he couldn't stand to see me walk away. I love hearing them play and laugh together. They're both smitten with each other and it's so cute to watch! He is a good eater still-4 bottles a day and baby food. He is picking up his little puffs now. Size 4 diaper, 6-9-12 month clothes and is a total monkey trying to change him or get him dressed. He's like a little sumo wrestler and he's strong-so Nathan gets his turn after bathtime getting him dressed! Taking 2 naps a day and sleeps from 7 to 7 or 7:30 and sleeps with all 3 loveys and about 10 pacifiers. Oh and also 3 of us had the stomach bug earlier this month and I'm pretty sure he was the culprit giver, although it didn't really bother him-thank you Watson.

And just to note, we have quite a bit of this on a daily basis. I think he and Hayes have the same cry (when she was his age) which is funny to me.

We have full days. They wear me out! I love them so much though and wouldn't trade this job for anything. I do however do a lot of praying throughout the day, usually moment by moment! I am positive it's the only way to keep my sanity-that and coke and sweet tea from drive-thrus. It's totally worth the trouble of getting them both in the carseats!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pumpkin Patch 2011

We ventured to the the Great Pumpkin Patch last weekend-same one we went to last year-it's a good one and we love it! It's a great family place-live music, hayrides, bouncy houses, good FOOD, animals, and pumpkins! We decided to get there a little before lunch on Sunday, and being the ambitious pumpkin patch go-ers, we got there WAY before they opened. So we backtracked once we got there and found a little country place to eat lunch-it was delicious!

I've decided it's much easier to capture my 2 one at a time. Getting two to look and halfway smile is not usually worth the extra effort and sweat when they all turn out like this. I just take what I can!

It's also easier to get smiling pics when his sister is not tackling him down to the ground and pulling on all 4 limbs. She is so wild w/him!

Hayes jumped, climbed and slid to her heart's content. It completely wore her out. That, and it was afternoon which is not the most ideal time for taking a baby and toddler out and about, not sure whose awesome idea that was!

We took a hayride, picked out our big beautiful round pumpkin for the front porch and called it a day.

Good memories from days like this-I LOVE the fall and this precious family God gave me.

Your love, O LORD, reaches to the heavens,
your faithfulness to the skies. Psalm 36:5

H-32 mos.
W-7 mos.

Monday, October 17, 2011

October Happenings

It is naptime, which means the best time for posting a blog! Watson is into a good naptime routine which is so nice, and I'm hoping Hayes is working her way back into an afternoon nap routine. She stopped taking naps around June, and it makes for some looooooong afternoons some days. But, last week she unexpectedly took naps Sun-Thurs-that is FIVE days in a row people!! No naps over the weekend, but it's a new week and I hope she continues her streak this week!

Just a few things of importance around here that need to be documented...

Hayes' class had a picnic at the park a few weeks ago which was heaven on earth for her. Eating and playing outside go hand in hand in her world. Nathan joined us and it was fun!

Fall break with the cousins! We're so glad they chose to spend part of their week w/us last week. We LOVED having them here. They all 4 play so good together. I'm thankful for the good examples they are for Hayes and Watson. I wish we all lived in the same city.

We celebrated Mary Carmen's 3rd birthday over the weekend at the park. It was a precious owl party and her sweet mama did an awesome job!

Amy (MC's mom) made the cutest owl cupcakes/cake. This cupcake monster ate every last speck of sugar and candy on her plate!

And these are a few reasons why I miss my old teaching job (Dawn, Kara, Amy Mc. w/sweet Clara.) And the other 40 or so reasons are up the street at the school and one is in Mississippi!!

Last, Hayes went to her first princess birthday party this morning for her friend, Caroline B.'s 3rd b'day and got to dress up in the cutest little dress her Shug and Grandaddy gave her! The princess world and dressing up is all new for her, and really I don't think she cares that much about it -yet-and that is perfectly fine w/me! It was a sweet party-decorating wands, wings, picnic and cupcakes. Lots of cute fairy princesses fluttering around that house!

She looks so BIG to me. I can't believe she's getting closer to 3. And just to note, Hayes is already up and not napping, so it looks like the streak was just a tease last week.

Happy Monday!
Hayes-32 months

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Crawling, standing and tricycle riding! The big man is now crawling all over the place at our house. It is so much fun for him to be able to get around and go where he wants to go. It is funny to watch. I think he prefers the rooms w/carpet over the hardwoods. I would too!

The last few days when we get him from his naps he is standing up in his crib crying for us. It's crazy how these new skills just pop up over night. He doesn't seem to need as much practice as Hayes did-sitting up, crawling, pulling up and standing all just happened pretty quickly. It may be that he has a few more lbs on him than she did at this point. So far they are tied w/crawling. Both started at 7 months. I'm not sure when she started standing. I need to go look in the baby book and see if it was written down. They are both growing waaaay too fast.

Another thing I need to document on here is the extreme separation anxiety Watson is having! He cannot handle it if he sees me or really anyone leave the room. He just completely melts down! The strange thing is this mainly happens in the kitchen, den or playroom. He is okay and happy if I leave him in his or Hayes' room. I am sure it's another phase he will outgrow like everything else. At least I know he loves his mama!

Hayes got a tricycle last Christmas, right before she turned 2. She is finally tall enough to reach the pedals and has learned to ride pretty well lately. We spend alot of time outside everyday now that it is cooler. We are LOVING the fall season!!
Here is a little video for the g'parents.

W-7 mos.
H-32 mos.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Our Birthday Boy

We are celebrating our favorite man's bday at our house this weekend. Nathan is turning 34! We had a little celebration at lunch today. Hayes and Watson were surprised w/their Grandaddy coming to pick them up from their Sunday school rooms today. He came through Birmingham today on his way home from Tuscaloosa and met us for church and lunch for Nathan's birthday. What a fun treat!! He was solo today, Shug is having a big time on a trip way off somewhere! We missed her being here w/us. We ate lunch and then came home for ice cream dessert, Nathan's favorite. Our cousins and Aunt Alyssa are coming in town today for fall break so we have lots of birthday partying to do w/them this week (and hopefully a date night in there too somewhere.) Hayes is beside herself w/excitement to have her cousins coming to play and spend the night and has talked about them coming all week long!

That's alot of candles. I lost track counting so I'm not sure if it was 34 or not!

Happy Birthday, Nathan! You're so precious to this family and such an undeserved gift from the Lord in my life. I still can't believe he made you just for me (and for hayes and watson.) We love you lots!! Phill. 1:3

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Pajama Day at School

Friday was pajama day at school, which means just a couple of steps easier to get them out the door. Hayes would stay in pajamas all day long if I let her (well she does some days.)

And not to be left out, Watson wore his too even though it was really just for the day school kids!

H-32 mos.
W-7 mos.