Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Pictures-Part 1

I am finally getting around to posting some pictures of our Christmas this year! I have so many I will have to do it in separate posts though. Here is our house all decorated. I just love, love having Christmas decorations and lights out in our house. It is so cozy and makes me want to stay home all day! But just this morning I took the last of our decorations down. They are boxed up and put away until next year, although I could not stand to put away all the white lights! I left one strand out to use for Hayes' birthday party coming up this month. They're just too festive and fun to put in storage all year!

Our big tree!

Nathan and I got our stockings as a shower gift before we got married from my sister. I finally decided on one for Hayes this year after buying 3! I knew she would always have it and I wanted it to be perfect!! My mom always put so much time and thought into our stockings growing up (and still does) and I plan to do the same for Hayes. So I saw the Kelly Rightsell stockings on Kellie P.'s blog and had seen them at the holiday market here in B'ham. You see how it is still not monogrammed? I'm afraid to do it b/c it will force me to make a commitment about keeping it forever-hahah! Anyway I love it and hope to add more of these to our mantel in the future.:)

I always put up this small tree in our dining room with old ornaments. I love it. They are all old w/pictures and I love that some say 1978, 1981, etc. I guess I'll do this forever b/c I can't stand to not use them someway and our big tree always holds our new ornaments (from this decade anyway!)

Family Christmas dinner. This was year #60 for this I think? (but my 30th:) This is our big event with my dad's side of the family. I always look forward to this every year and it was Hayes' 1st Watson family Christmas dinner. It's the only time we get to see alot of our extended family/cousins and lots of fun. Nathan always laughs b/c we get the save the date for this in June. There is really no excuse to miss it (ha-Alyssa!! just kidding! they didn't make it this year b/c of a trip and they were definitely missed!)

Hayes' bunny class Christmas party-her first party-so cute! She did have on a cute Christmasy outfit but couldn't manage to keep it clean until party time, so she had to change into her "extra" clothes from her bag!
This is her little friend, Rutland and his mommy Adrienne who I work w/at Covenant. A was my old roommate at Auburn for 2 years and suitemate our freshman year!

1st ride on the carousel for Hayes! It was all decorated for Christmas w/reindeer. She didn't know what to think about it at first-it was a little long for her! There will be many more trips to the carousel and I know she'll love it!

This is entirely too long if you are still reading-so sorry! December was just a long month w/lots of activities! I don't know why I feel the need to add so much text to my pictures. Be back later w/part 2!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Camera Ideas

I am coming back soon w/a Christmas post! We are just getting settled back in from being out of town and this week we are thankful to have company until Friday. Hopefully I'll get around to posting some of the many pictures of our Christmas this year. It was so fun that it was Hayes' 1st Christmas!! She had such a big time playing with the boxes, paper, and ribbons. She did not notice all the gifts so much but I know she really is grateful for everything!!

We are in the market for a new camera finally and I am in need of some suggestions! We have had 2 in the past 5 years and I am telling you neither one of them is ideal if you're constantly taking pictures of a little one. I need one that is fast and good for children. Nathan's doing some research and I'm supposed to be doing mine! So if you have a camera that you just LOVE or do not love, let me know. And I've already gotten raving reviews on the canon rebel so I know that would be a great one. Any advice would be much appreciated!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Our Grandaddy

Our sweet Grandaddy passed away early Sunday morning. We knew it was coming but just did not know when. He had pneumonia for the last month and his body could not fight it off anymore. We have SO many good memories of him and it's really neat to look back at pictures of him. We found out yesterday morning on the way to church. Nathan brought me back home and I tore the picture basket up looking for as many pictures of him I could find. These are some of my favorites that I'll share. It's so funny when you look at pictures that you can (or I do at least) remember that very moment when the picture was snapped, where you were, who was there, etc. Even ones that are so old.

Grandaddy was such a sweet, tender, smart, loving, caring man. All he ever wanted to do was to take care of his family. My favorite phrase of his was "whatever my baby wants!" He was very sensitive and emotional. He would tear up and almost cry about anything related to his grandchildren. He loved his whole family so passionately, 2 children, 5 grandchildren, and 13 great-grandchildren. I'm so thankful the Lord let us have him for 88 years. He had a long, healthy and productive life. He was in the real estate business his whole life until about 5 years ago when he decided to retire. He served in the military and loved to show off his uniform and tell you about all his travels around the world. And lately in the last few years he loved to try it on for us!

He was married to my Grandmother for 63 years and loved her so much. We're so proud of the legacy of marriage they left for all of us. My sister asked him a few years ago about the secret of marriage, and he simply said, "well, you just stay around." What a simple secret and easy advice.

But the funny thing was that my Grandmother had a twin sister, Louise, who we all called "Ease." She and my Grandmother always dressed alike, were super silly, loved to entertain and be the center of attention. They called themselves 'moviestars' because they were in a few commercials during the 90's. Ease's husband passed away in 1990. So from then on, it was like Grandaddy had 2 wives. He took care of Ease like he did my Grandmother and the 3 of them spent alot of time together. I'm sure it was not easy for Grandaddy with these 2. It's really hard to explain them-their personalities, jokes, dressing alike, etc. I think our family could easily write a book about them!

(At the twin's 80th birthday party-don't be scared, these are not their real eyes!)

Lastly, would you please keep my grandmother in your prayers? She is going to be moving to Birmingham now that he is gone and is very confused. We hope she'll adjust quickly and easily and we're so happy she'll be close by us now. She has lived in Montgomery her entire adult life, but we know she will be fine wherever she is.

Hope you take time to really enjoy your family this Christmas season and remember that relationships and memories are all that matter! Merry Christmas!!

I'll post our Christmas card soon! I still have a few more to send out!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Good Day and Night

We really appreciate everyone's thoughts and prayers today for Hayes! She did very well despite not knowing what was going to happen to her. She of course screamed when they tried to weigh her, listen to her breathing, and all the easy stuff. She does not like anyone to mess with her and she will let you know it very quickly!! After a few minutes of playing w/their toys, the nurse let us walk her back to the monkey doors to drop her off. When we handed her over, she screamed her little head off all the way down the hallway!

We got back to the room and about 2 minutes later the doctor was already calling telling us they were going to take out her adenoids, they were huge and swollen. So really by the time we walked back down the hall and to her patient room, they had put her to sleep, put her tubes in, and had already determined her adenoids need to be out, SOOOOO fast. So they did an IV and gave her more anesthesia. That was probably the theme of our visit to Children's in the last 2 days-efficiency! Everyone does their job really well and quickly. I guess when you're working w/children you have to do things fast!

So we came home this morning and she slept all day until around 3:00. She only woke up for about 30 minutes to eat and then went back to sleep. She had so much medicine in her I didn't think she would ever wake up. But when she did wake up, she was happy and by late this afternoon she was back to her old self. I was missing my little sidekick all day while she was napping but I did enjoy some free time.

We had a wonderful experience at Children's South-the staff, rooms, playroom, snacks, doctors, short wait times, helpful people, giving instructions, etc. EVERYTHING about being there was very positive and we're so thankful to live so close in case we ever need them again (but hopefully not:) Thank you again to everyone for remembering her today. God is so good and faithful and we know He was the one taking care of our little baby today through all the doctors and nurses, and through our praying friends!
And now we are all going to bed early at our house-Good Night!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Early Christmas Present

Our sweet little Hayesie Daisy is getting an early present tomorrow morning. Santa (at Children's South) is bringing her a set of tubes for her sweet little ears! We went today to meet w/the doctor and went ahead and scheduled her for tomorrow morning. She has way surpassed the '3 ear infections in 6 months rule' and has had about 5 infections in the past 2 months. Those little ears just cannot get well on their own. So, tomorrow morning when she is finished they say we will have a brand new baby, which makes me sad and happy altogether. I love her just the way she is, even if she's a little fussy at times b/c of those ears! But happy too because I know she will feel 100% better! She had a tympanogram (Tara I thought of you doing all that testing in the quiet room w/the steel doors!) and it showed mild hearing loss b/c of so much fluid that has built up. But that is nothing to worry about and it should be cleared up after the tubes are in. Also, she may have her adenoids removed if they look too large. Please say a little prayer for our baby girl if you're up at 6:15 Tuesday morning. We know she will be in great hands at Children's!

And all that pressure and drainage in her ears is really not holding her back too much (in the daytime at least.) She is on the go and ALL OVER the place. If I don't watch her for a second, she is out of the room, down the hall, and heading to the bathrooms trying to get into the toilet tissue baskets! She also has a love for the batteries in the pantry door.

This was at a fun music class we were invited to last week-SO cute and entertaining for the little ones-instruments, songs, dancing in circles, colored scarves, etc. ALOT of fun!! I think it is called Fiddlesticks Music.

Lastly with her big girl lunch, all finger foods. She is still eating a lot of baby food but is liking big people food more and more. I know she would eat almost all table food but I just need to get prepared and cook more things that she is able to pick up with her fingers. She is almost 11 months-so hard to believe she'll have her 1st birthday next month. I need to get busy!!

Hope you are enjoying the Christmas season with your family!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Here Comes Santa Clause

We are SUPER excited about Christmas at our house. Every morning when we wake up our 1st job of the day is the turn on our Christmas tree lights. And even better is when it's a free day that we can stay home from school and just play and enjoy our trees and decorations all day!

This was taken when Hayes just woke up from a nap and saw the tree decorated for the 1st time. It literally took 5 seconds before the 1st ornament was broken. She loves to stand at the tree and just slap at it and laugh!

We visited Santa Friday night and Hayes did not quite know what to think of him. She didn't really see or notice him at first.

But then when she actually looked up and saw who was holding her-oh my! She did NOT want this stranger holding her!!! She screamed her little head off! Maybe next year she will like him but for now Santa is just not her thing!

(*Little tip in case you have not already seen can take your camera when you see Santa and take your own picture so you don't have to buy a whole package. We saw Santa at Brookwood Mall and they let you do this, not sure about other malls though.)
Happy Monday!

Friday, December 4, 2009

The rest of Thanksgiving

Hayes has pretty much decided that she likes walking now. She sort of does half and half. She will walk all the way across the room and then turn around and crawl all the way back to you. I was just standing in the kitchen and she just walked into the kitchen to find me. What a sight! It is so funny to watch her. So since she's now into the walking stage, she just got her first pairs of new shoes. She does not really like them on her feet yet, she tries so hard to pull them off. I think she'll get used to them though!

Here are a few more of pictures of our Thanksgiving time with family. LOTS of good food, family, friends, sweet babies and plenty of blessings to be thankful for.

And now it's on to Christmas! What usually takes me a good day or two to get our house decorated took me about 6 days off and on this year. I had to squeeze everything into naptime and after prissy pot's bedtime. But we are finally all decorated and now we have the whole month to enjoy it! I love it!!