Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Pictures-Part 1

I am finally getting around to posting some pictures of our Christmas this year! I have so many I will have to do it in separate posts though. Here is our house all decorated. I just love, love having Christmas decorations and lights out in our house. It is so cozy and makes me want to stay home all day! But just this morning I took the last of our decorations down. They are boxed up and put away until next year, although I could not stand to put away all the white lights! I left one strand out to use for Hayes' birthday party coming up this month. They're just too festive and fun to put in storage all year!

Our big tree!

Nathan and I got our stockings as a shower gift before we got married from my sister. I finally decided on one for Hayes this year after buying 3! I knew she would always have it and I wanted it to be perfect!! My mom always put so much time and thought into our stockings growing up (and still does) and I plan to do the same for Hayes. So I saw the Kelly Rightsell stockings on Kellie P.'s blog and had seen them at the holiday market here in B'ham. You see how it is still not monogrammed? I'm afraid to do it b/c it will force me to make a commitment about keeping it forever-hahah! Anyway I love it and hope to add more of these to our mantel in the future.:)

I always put up this small tree in our dining room with old ornaments. I love it. They are all old w/pictures and I love that some say 1978, 1981, etc. I guess I'll do this forever b/c I can't stand to not use them someway and our big tree always holds our new ornaments (from this decade anyway!)

Family Christmas dinner. This was year #60 for this I think? (but my 30th:) This is our big event with my dad's side of the family. I always look forward to this every year and it was Hayes' 1st Watson family Christmas dinner. It's the only time we get to see alot of our extended family/cousins and lots of fun. Nathan always laughs b/c we get the save the date for this in June. There is really no excuse to miss it (ha-Alyssa!! just kidding! they didn't make it this year b/c of a trip and they were definitely missed!)

Hayes' bunny class Christmas party-her first party-so cute! She did have on a cute Christmasy outfit but couldn't manage to keep it clean until party time, so she had to change into her "extra" clothes from her bag!
This is her little friend, Rutland and his mommy Adrienne who I work w/at Covenant. A was my old roommate at Auburn for 2 years and suitemate our freshman year!

1st ride on the carousel for Hayes! It was all decorated for Christmas w/reindeer. She didn't know what to think about it at first-it was a little long for her! There will be many more trips to the carousel and I know she'll love it!

This is entirely too long if you are still reading-so sorry! December was just a long month w/lots of activities! I don't know why I feel the need to add so much text to my pictures. Be back later w/part 2!


Regan said...

These pictures are so sweet. I love your Christmas tree and stockings! And I hope you get to add some more to that mantle VERY soon!! :)
Hayes really can't get any cuter...

Lauren said...

I love the stocking. I think it's definitely safe to go ahead and monogram it! I'm the same way, though. I barely have any pictures hung in our house because I'm afraid I'll want to rearrange (which I rarely even do!).