Sunday, January 3, 2010

Our Christmas Pictures-Part 2

I'm wrapping up our Christmas pictures from 2009 in one large post! I'll try to make this one a little more text-less.

Christmas Eve Day!

Christmas Eve Day we celebrated with my mom's side of the family with Christmas Eve lunch and dirty santa with ornaments. It was alot of fun for both the kids and adults and we got some good ornaments for our tree next year. Hayes did great for a while, playing and eating off anyone's plate like a little puppy. Then around 3 she started falling apart and was ready for a nap.

Hayes and Holley

Alyssa, Cory and Carson

Nana and her grand-girls-not sure where Carson was. Christmas Eve night we went to the candlelight service and then ate a yummy dinner at my sister's house! The kids opened gifts and had a great time. Hayes loved playing in all the wrapping paper and boxes. Her favorite thing was just pushing all the boxes around the living room!!

Waking up on Christmas morning and waiting to see what Santa brought!! SOOO excited. And that rattle has been one of Hayes' favorite toys since this summer. My sister brought it back for her from Jamaica and last week I accidentally stepped on it and it cracked into tons of little wooden pieces. So sad, but at least she got lots of things to replace it with!

Nathan and I decided early on that we were going to give Hayes 3 gifts plus her stocking for Christmas every year. So this year we gave her the Jesus Storybook Bible, a few outfits, pajamas, and a stocking full of baby necessities/a few small toys. And really every week I am buying her TONS of essential items-more sippy cups, toothbrush, socks, etc. so all month I was stuffing most everything I bought into her stocking.

Christmas morning breakfast appetizer-this girl LLLLOOOOOVVVESSS some Cheerios. She seriously probably eats at least 100 every day and never gets tired of them!

Christmas Day family picture! We spent Christmas Day and night w/Nathan's family. We ate, ate, ate some more and then opened gifts that night. More toys, pajamas, shoes, and boxes, boxes, and more boxes to play with!

Shug and Mr. Baker Boy, our sweet new little cousin-almost 11 weeks old. I know Lindsey thinks time is flying too but it seems like he was just born. Can't wait for him and Hayes to really start playing together. Oh, the fun times they will have at Shug and Grandaddy's house!!

And lastly with all of our new toys here at home, this is what she really loves to play with-her laundry basket. She will pull every single thing out and drop it all around the house.

That did not really turn out as text-less as I had hoped. Next time I'll be back with some more current happenings around our house. With January here we are getting in full swing with Miss Hayes' birthday coming up. I'm so excited about her party I can't stand it. I wake up thinking about various details during the night. Nathan thinks I am crazy but I can't help it. It's her 1st birthday and it only happens once!! Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

Hey Sis,
I really don't think anyone minds the text with the pics, so don't apologize! I personally care as much about the text as I do the pic! ;-) I love how Hayes likes to empty her basket~so CUTE! And don't feel crazy for thinking about her birthday party so much...completely normal! Love y'all!

The Piedmonts said...

Hey-so good to hear from you!!! I added a link to your blog on mine so we can keep posted on all the happenings of your family!! Hayes is beautiful and it looks like yall had a wonderful christmas. we are enjoying newport and trying to adjust to the snow but I miss the south and my friends- hopefully someday we will be back. have a great 2010!

Susannah said...

Hayes looks so much like you and your mom too! I LOVE the high chair that is beautiful! Looks like you guys had a great Christmas! :)

lindseykennedy said...

I can't wait for Hayesie's party either! Yea SNOW PARTY! I hope it snows that day for real.

Brandi Bartee said...

Precious pictures! We have that story book bible too and Granger loves it. It is perfect for young children and come highly recommended by a lot of my friends.