Tuesday, August 30, 2011

6 months

Mr. W turned 6 months last week. Oh, how I love this sweet boy!!

He's a happy man (when mommy or daddy are close by) and LOVES to smile. I took these pics and got about 75 just like this, huge smiles every time. He looks like he's ready for some football right here!

He just started sitting up. The world is a new place for him now. He is super duper attached to his loveys now-monkey and bunnies. He sleeps with all 3.

He is a decent napper (3 a day) and has turned into a good nighttime sleeper, finally. It seems like it has taken him forever to learn. He has been covered in some prayers the past month for sleep, thank you faithful SS friends!

He is eating 4-5 times a day, mostly bottles now. My expectations with nursing this go-round were low, since I knew it would be more challenging having a 2 year old. But I made it to my 6 month short term goal, but wish I could have made it to 12 months just for the extra health benefits for both of us. He just wasn't getting quite enough at each feeding. I have to say bottles are EASY and he gets really FULL, which makes for a happy and content baby and mama. So I'm good with that! He likes his baby food-eats 2-3 jars a day.

He is starting MDO this month, 2 mornings a week! and will be in the bunny class like Hayes was. I love those teachers! The separation anxiety started at around 5 months, so this will be good for him. He has his 6 month check up tomorrow. I love to see how he changes with each visit.

Happy SIX months, big boy! You are precious to us!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

New Trick

Look who is sitting up, out of the blue!

He just turned 6 months last week. Crazy! I decided the pack and play was a good safe spot to work on his new skills. His little entertainer loved jumping in to play with him as usual.

He changes daily and always has some new tricks up his sleeve for us. We hope his next will be getting his paci in by himself. He's working on that one!

W-6 months

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dance Party/Weekend Away

Hayes loves a dance party. This video was from early this morning, dancing to Jesus you're my superhero. She loves this cd that we got from Covenant. She has learned how to turn on her music all by herself in the playroom and loves to sing/spin/dance in circles. You probably can't hear the words and I know you won't be able to understand her...

Jesus you're my superhero
You're my star
My best friend, repeat!

Hayes-31 mos.

And just to recap and so I won't forget...we had an AWESOME relaxing weekend this past weekend without our little babies!! A HUGE thank you to Nana and Papa for keeping, taking care of, and entertaining H & W and giving us a little break! We left bright and early Friday morning for Fairhope to go to Nathan's cousin, Anna's fun wedding. See Lindsey's blog for pics! I was able to get a pedicure, get my hair cut, eat slowly and w/out entertaining/wrestling little ones, read alot (the Help-I'm obsessed now-thank you Ashley!) sleep late, and spend quality, uninterrupted time w/Nathan. Fun times! But we missed the babies big time and were so happy to see those sweet faces on Sunday.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Emma Kate's Party

Our sweet little friend Emma Kate just turned 2 and we went to her cute ladybug party last Saturday. Her mama, Kara, is one of my good old teacher friends from days at VHEW! They have a new baby boy at their house too, just like us. Kara just sent me these pics, I need one of the birthday girl though! I will say that I can't quite get the hang of managing 2 at parties (thank you Katie and Lois) plus taking pics at the same time. I will have to rely on others for their camera skills until my W gets a little bigger!

Hayes and Mary Carmen eating their cupcakes

Don't let this sweet, jolly face fool you-he's not always quite this happy, only if he can see his mama! Just ask his grandparents!!

Thanks for the pics, Kara. And HAPPY BDAY to sweet EK!! We love you little friend!

H-30 mos.
W-5 mos.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Staycation 2011!

Nathan has been off work this past week so we have enjoyed him being home with us since last Friday. It's been so nice!! An extra set of hands around here is always welcomed. So instead of leaving B'ham, we have busied ourselves here with lots of fun things and home projects that have been piling up on the to-do list. We've had a birthday party, neighborhood party, cousin playtime, promotion Sunday at church, a trip to the zoo, Shipley's donuts, picnic supper at the park (Patton Chapel-our favorite these days), McWane Center, ice cream, etc, etc. A big thank-you to my sweet Nathan who has done lots of non-fun to do list items like working in the yard, oil changes, carwashes, etc. His week has been productive. And I was able to see my longtime bff Suzanne who came in town on Monday night. We don't see each other enough these days and it's always fun when we do. She has little ones and is a super busy mama. Thanks for coming, Sue!!

Our weeks are usually full and I do not seem to have a second of downtime these days. Naps around here don't exist much for Hayes anymore, so she has started room time, at least until school starts back and maybe she'll be tired enough to go to sleep at least 2 days a week. She's waking up super early too since she's been in her big girl bed, around 5:45 or 6, and goes non-stop all day until bedtime. I don't know how she has enough energy to get through the day until bedtime but she does. And Watson's naps have been super short this week. I know it's a phase and he'll get back to some long naps eventually. I hope sooner rather than later!

We are heading out of town today for a little child-free weekend and dropping the little ones off w/Nana and Papa in Dothan. I'm looking so forward to doing NOTHING all weekend! Well except for going to the rehearsal dinner and wedding for Nathan's cousin, sweet Anna. Other than that I am planning to not get up while it's still dark outside, not change anyone's diapers, read a little, sleep all night, and be as L-A-Z-Y as I can for 48 hours! I will miss my babies but I know they will have so much fun and be in great hands. I hope Mr. W will cooperate. He has a case of mommy separation syndrome these days. I love him. He's sweet and fussy when he can't see me, what a mix.

I think this one has a little ways to go until she hits that weight limit. haha! She's right at about 25 pounds. Watson is pushing 18 lbs so I am positive he will catch her weight-wise by his 1st birthday. He is almost 6 months, cannot believe it!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Our Summer at Home

I need to do something w/all these pics I've been uploading. So they're going to the blog...a random assortment of our life lately and a little of what our summer has been like at home all day long.

Two of my old kindergarten students (Sarah Kate and Peyton) came to visit and brought Hayes a picnic table. Peyton's family are our neighbors. It's so fun seeing old students. I think about them alot this time of year with school starting back. These girls are 4th graders now!

Playtime for Watson

Playtime for Big Baby (who looks a whole lot like our real baby)

Snuggle time on the floor

Stringing beads, a new favorite activity here

Morning reading time w/brother and big baby

Playing school

A whole lot of Cedarmont Kids and Miss Pattycake watching

This is what happens when you wake up at 4:30 a.m. for your friend's b'day party that starts at 10 a.m.

Happy 3rd bday to our good friend, Jack!

She pepped right up when she saw big slides and snacks!

Clara, Anna Leigh and Hayes

Cousin love from Baker Man

Our baby boy really likes baby food these days. Sweet potatoes, carrots, squash, apples, bananas, pears. Just doesn't like to see the end of the jar though.

Hayes has been into "setting up" the table every night for us. Such a helper!

And that's it, a little snapshot of our daily life in one blog post, only no pics of the little tantrums, naptime rebellion, the crying, the sleepless nights, the (lack of:) potty training so far, or the frazzled mommy. I do my best to move on and not dwell on the difficult moments we have, which are frequent these days. I love these babies with all my heart, and these are the days and times I want to remember from our first summer at home with our family of four. I know I'll look back on these days when they're starting kindergarten and 2nd grade and they're gone all day and just wish for long days at home together. Tiring and challenging, but sweet days and memories. Only a few more weeks until school starts back. We're ready for a little structure and routine, and I'm ready for the fall!

Happy Friday!!

H-2 1/2
W-5 mos.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tex Mex Frito Salad

I thought I would post this recipe, because it's sooooo incredibly good and I feel kind of selfish not sharing it with the rest of the world. It's way too good to keep to myself! It's for sure a new favorite at our house. I found it about a month ago on Real Mom Kitchen (sidebar of this blog) and adapted it from there. We've had it several times now and can't believe how good it is every time!

Tex Mex Frito Salad

1 can light red kidney beans, rinsed & drained
1 can pinto beans, rinsed & drained
1 can yellow corn
grilled chicken strips, seasoned
1 pint grape tomatoes, halved
yellow pepper
green onions
1 cup celery
about 1/2 bottle catalina dressing
shredded mexican cheese
1 bag of chili cheese fritos

1. In a large bowl, combine all ingredients except cheese and dressing and fritos. Refrigerate until ready to serve.
2. Before serving, mix in cheese and dressing until well combined. Serve over fritos.

We eat the whole bowl within a couple of days!

And just to add in a pic and not just a boring recipe post, here is Mr. W Man watching Baby Einstein for the first time this afternoon, thanks to my sweet friend Allison G. for the suggestion!

Be back soon with some documentation of this little rascal's behavior lately. Enjoy the recipe!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I just hung up the doorway jumper for Watson last week. He has a perfect spot now for his sister to entertain him. He jumps and bounces and she sings/screams and dances. They did this the whole time I cooked supper yesterday afternoon. Everybody wins. Thank you mr. jumper!

H-30 mos.
W-5 1/2 mos.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Big Girl Bed

Hayes decided this past Friday night that she would finally sleep in her big girl bed. It has been in her room since we moved into our new house, a good six months ago, but she has shown no interest. I don't think she actually ever even thought you were supposed to sleep in there, it's just where we lay clothes and change diapers!

We put the siderail up about 10 minutes before bedtime and she was super excited. She went right to sleep and in 4 nights has only gotten up once during the night and already fallen out once, yes through the rail. ??? I found her on the floor asleep during the night and the rail halfway off the bed. She's always been hard sleeper so she didn't even wake up.

Hayes at 2 1/2. How did my baby get this big?!

Pictures with two

Does anyone else have these same challenges taking pictures of your kids? It's almost impossible! Either one cooperates and one doesn't or neither are interested, which is usually the case. And rarely does anyone look at the camera! I'm sure picture taking will be a lifelong battle, or maybe at least until they get a little bigger, it's just hilarious how many of these I have on our computer, and just a handful of decent ones since W was born.

Sweet! Here is 1 success after about 1 billion attempts of facing forward at the same time!