Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pictures with two

Does anyone else have these same challenges taking pictures of your kids? It's almost impossible! Either one cooperates and one doesn't or neither are interested, which is usually the case. And rarely does anyone look at the camera! I'm sure picture taking will be a lifelong battle, or maybe at least until they get a little bigger, it's just hilarious how many of these I have on our computer, and just a handful of decent ones since W was born.

Sweet! Here is 1 success after about 1 billion attempts of facing forward at the same time!

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Julie said...

Amy - that's funny! I never got good pics of the 2 of mine together unless i paid someone else to do it... until they got to be like 6 and 4, and then they went straight to the posed/fake smile pictures. sigh. :) your little ones are precious!