Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cute Dresses

A couple of weeks ago we were in Walmart and I ran past the kids department and saw the CUTEST little toddler girl dresses. They had a bunch of different ones but I settled on one really cute pink and yellow flowery one. SO, SO cute and for only $5. Can't beat that!

Hayes wore it one day and it fit so cute and washed well. So I ordered a few more, and let me tell you that these are some cute fun little playdresses. We are big fans of casual dresses at our house. I prefer them to pants/shorts and tops anyday b/c it's one less thing to wash! They're only $5 each and a bunch of different styles and patterns and perfect for spring and summer. Too bad cute boy clothes do not exist for $5.

And just one pic of my little man too, b/c this is what he always looks like-smiling w/that huge soothie paci in his mouth. It's the only kind he likes.

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

4 Wheeler Jealousy

Some good friends kindly let us borrow their cozy coupe they were not using anymore for our little man-you know the one w/the handle on the back and seatbelt-the appropriate and safe kind for a 13 month old. We have the regular car that has a door but no seatbelt and I didn't think he was ready for that. Watson loved it for the first few rides!

Then he noticed his sisters wheels were different and pretty fast and she didn't have to wear a seat belt.

He wants sooooo bad to get on her car. This is already the case with most everything these days. They both want exactly what the other has at the exact time they are using it.

I am sure we won't be waiting too much longer before he gets to ride!!

H-3 yrs 2 mos
W-13 mos

One and Three Year Pics

Just a few that I have gotten back. Can't wait to see more!!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Blooms and Egg Hunt

This is the 2nd spring we have been in our house. Last year we only had one blooming azalea bush but the rest of the neighborhood was full of them. It was right outside Hayes' window so I was glad she could see them from her room. This year has been different. We have many more in bloom than we did last year. I am thinking it must be from our mild winter and last winter was freezing so I guess that's why we didn't have as many. Anyway aside from the azaleas I just noticed an entire huge hydrangea bush on the side of our house that is full of green hydrangeas. It is beautiful and has tons of flowers on it. The sad thing is we may have gotten a little round-up on it recently. I hope it will stay strong though and pull through!!

We went to a cute little peter rabbit 1st birthday party yesterday for our buddy William. The kids had fun hunting Easter eggs. Well not really Watson, he just enjoyed exploring and walking around. Hayes enjoyed the egg part and eating her treats and the cake and ice cream part. That girl is all about an egg hunt. I think it's time to get ours out and have some hunts at home. If only the pollen were not so bad. Too bad the runny noses and sneezing go right along with this pretty weather!

Friday, March 16, 2012

I love Fridays

It's almost the weekend, YEA! It seems like it went from winter to summer overnight and I am loving this springy warm weather we are having. I'm thinking it's time to pack up the winter clothes. It's been perfect for outside play this week, and a teeny tiny trip to the zoo to meet up w/Lindsey, Brent, and Baker for a minute. Fridays are just fun. I don't usually worry about naptime for Watson. We are all just looking forward to the 5:00 hour when Nathan comes driving up the driveway. Nothing can beat that. We are taking some family pictures late tomorrow since they have turned 1 and 3 and church and a b'day party on Sunday. And hopefully making time to be lazy, and maybe a trip to our new favorite restaurant tonight, if everyone can behave. You just never know what might happen when you leave the house after 5:00 with little ones in tow. But usually it's worth it for some Friday night fun and good food not from your own kitchen. Have a great weekend!

Yes he looks kind of messy, this was after a breakfast and snack with no bib, and playtime inside and out!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Happy Birthday, Honey!

We eelebrated Honey's (Nathan's grandmother) 80th birthday this past weekend. It was THE nicest spring-like weather day I have ever seen. It was a beautiful lunchtime party with lots of good food, cake and ice cream and fun with family. All the kids had a ball being outside all day. The adults did too!

Proof of a fun day, about 10 seconds after we left the party...

Happy Birthday, Honey! We all had a great time at your party!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring Fever

I was telling a friend the other day that right now we are at a good stage w/our kids-they are big enough to play and laugh and have fun together and they are both good sleepers. Hard to ask for more than that! I am very thankful for those things. It is so funny to watch them play all over the house. They move from one room to the next, sometimes by themselves and sometimes together. Hayes sometimes thinks she doesn't want Watson to play w/what she has (ie-not being a good sharer) but then she will call for him to come to her room in the next second b/c she wants to play with him. I'm thankful for their relationship they are building, even if it involves a few screams now and then. I can't believe they are now 1 and 3.

We had such a nice weekend. This weather is awesome! Saturday was Honey's 80th birthday party and just the best day ever. We were outside all day long. It was heaven on earth for Hayes and especially Watson. More on that later.

We took a quick trip to the zoo this afternoon to see some animals and soak up some more of the warmer weather. We didn't have long to stay before they closed so we pretty much ran through each exhibit at lightning speed!!

This was probably the 1st trip that Watson really noticed and watched all the animals and he was interested. Some were up so close so that was neat for him. You just don't see elephants and flamingos and zebras every day. The zoo being so close is just one of the things I love most about Birmingham.

If you can see W's legs in this pic you will see the leftovers of his hand foot and mouth virus last week (doesn't it sound like a barnyard disease?). At least that is what we think it was, our pediatrician seemed a little perplexed too when she saw it! We think he had some form of it, but not the normal kind w/ulcers. Just red bumps on his legs that was like chicken pox. Poor, poor baby. They did not bother him in the least thankfully, just me! But needless to say we have been home all week long. I am so glad to have that behind us!

What else? I am sure there are more things that have happened but it is almost bedtime. Oh yes 2 baby sprinkles for 2 good friends about to have their precious babies any day now, it was so much fun celebrating w/them!! And consignment sale shopping, one of my favorite things to do. We are now ready for spring and summer and for this new round of babies coming along any day now!! And excited for a girls trip that is in the works only 2 short weeks from now. I am terrible w/keeping up w/people now so it will be so fun to see these longtime friends and have un-interrupted time together. Thanks in advance to all the babies' daddies that we can all go. It will be SO much fun and I can't wait!!

Good night!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Quality Time

This little guy has had no shortage of attention this week. He has had our complete, almost undivided attention since Sunday morning. This makes night #5 that Hayes has been in Dothan with grandparents. Yes, 5 nights. I don't think she's EVER been away that long from us. She did go to Dothan for a bit after Watson was born but I am not counting that because I don't even remember it. That was for sure a blurry time for me. This SEEMS like forever this time. Anyway she is having a grand time I know, getting spoiled and doing lots of fun things. Life is hopefully going to return to normal when she gets back on Saturday. I hope it won't be too shocking for her!

So one baby in particular has completely enjoyed his big sis being away. No tackling or getting put in headlocks (she is so rough w/him) and being able to play with any toy in total peace has been so fun for him. And I know he has loved having us all to himself. I think they just need that sometimes. We've done alot of reading and playing, Kids Gym and the park, and we visited Nathan at his office. Hayes and I do that sometimes (if I take W to MDO on Mondays), but Watson never gets to go, poor thing. He's just such a rascal to take anywhere really. It's a little too much to take both up there. I don't think Nathan wants us to come that bad anyway!

I did one tiny bit of re-decorating since she's been gone. Watson got a train table for his b'day and we decided to put it in his room and give the changing table/desk to Hayes since it goes w/her furniture. It's not a changing table at all but I've used it that way for the past 3 years. So we didn't have room for it in his room so sister now has a desk in her room. I look in her room and I can see her sitting at that desk doing her homework in 7th grade. But for now it will probably just be a place to color and make her beautiful sticker pictures she loves so much. I think it turned out pretty cute. Hope she likes it when she comes home!