Friday, March 16, 2012

I love Fridays

It's almost the weekend, YEA! It seems like it went from winter to summer overnight and I am loving this springy warm weather we are having. I'm thinking it's time to pack up the winter clothes. It's been perfect for outside play this week, and a teeny tiny trip to the zoo to meet up w/Lindsey, Brent, and Baker for a minute. Fridays are just fun. I don't usually worry about naptime for Watson. We are all just looking forward to the 5:00 hour when Nathan comes driving up the driveway. Nothing can beat that. We are taking some family pictures late tomorrow since they have turned 1 and 3 and church and a b'day party on Sunday. And hopefully making time to be lazy, and maybe a trip to our new favorite restaurant tonight, if everyone can behave. You just never know what might happen when you leave the house after 5:00 with little ones in tow. But usually it's worth it for some Friday night fun and good food not from your own kitchen. Have a great weekend!

Yes he looks kind of messy, this was after a breakfast and snack with no bib, and playtime inside and out!

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