Tuesday, March 27, 2012

4 Wheeler Jealousy

Some good friends kindly let us borrow their cozy coupe they were not using anymore for our little man-you know the one w/the handle on the back and seatbelt-the appropriate and safe kind for a 13 month old. We have the regular car that has a door but no seatbelt and I didn't think he was ready for that. Watson loved it for the first few rides!

Then he noticed his sisters wheels were different and pretty fast and she didn't have to wear a seat belt.

He wants sooooo bad to get on her car. This is already the case with most everything these days. They both want exactly what the other has at the exact time they are using it.

I am sure we won't be waiting too much longer before he gets to ride!!

H-3 yrs 2 mos
W-13 mos

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