Thursday, May 9, 2013

Spring Music Program

Hayes had her 3 yr old spring music program a few weeks ago. The theme was God's love is so big, it's amazing! She was so excited and practiced her songs for us a million times before the big day. She could not wait. All of the 3 yr old classes sang about 4 or 5 songs and were so precious. We had seats on the 3rd row so she spotted us pretty quickly. I can't believe she is big enough to be up on the stage in programs. She was so happy to be up there and even happier when she saw her Nana and Papa. It was precious and I wouldn't trade these precious preschool moments of hers for anything. I truly never knew how important preschool was before I had kids, but oh my goodness, she has learned sooooo much and had the best year in her class. I am so sad to see this year come to an end next week. It's been amazing for her. I could go on and on about all the sweet songs she sings from chapel (she does chapel routinely at home and pretends to be Mrs. Brooke) and Bible stories and verses she's learned, the fun centers, playground, friends, snack, art, music, etc. She gives a pretty good report usually. I'll just stop and say we LOVE preschool!!! After the program we went back to the fellowship hall to see the kids artwork. Then we ended with lunch at Chick Fil A of course! It was a special day for our big girl and we are thankful Nana and Papa could be with us!