Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pool Time

I think it's safe to say this little girl REALLY, REALLY LOVES the water (and her Grandaddy.) I'm so glad I caught this on video!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

16 Month Accomplishments

This is why I love having this blog, so I can document the oh, so important milestones Hayes reaches such as these! She is almost 17 months (tomorrow) but these happened at 16 months so I want to remember them.

1. She can finally eat off her plate without throwing it down or flipping it over. This is a huge thing. I had no idea when they were supposed to be able to do this. She is probably really late doing this but I always just let her eat from her tray on her high chair until now. Go Hayes!

2. Eating from spoon and fork!! This is another thing I've been wondering/halfway stressing about. She could not do it for the longest time. Now all of a sudden she knows (sort of) how to hold it and feed herself. I'm really proud of this!!

3. She has finally transitioned from 2 naps a day to ONE LONG FANTASTIC NAP in the afternoons, like anywhere from 3-3 1/2 hours. I thought it would be such a long morning until 1 in the afternoon, but we've stayed so busy lately that she is soooo exhausted when she gets in her bed at 1. She loves it and I love it-much needed downtime for us both!!!

It seems like 15 months was an explosive age for her, like she could start understanding things we were telling her and started saying alot more words. At 16 months her favorite things to do are CLIMB, CLIMB, CLIMB anything and everything, play w/her puzzles, snap her legos together, and "pretend" to color-there's not a whole lot of color on the paper when she finishes but she likes to use every color! We can't wait to see what 17 months brings. Time is going by way, way, way too fast!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June Trip to Dothan

We spent almost a whole week in Dothan last week. It was lots of FUN and HOT, HOT, HOT!! We stayed busy the whole time seeing family and friends and we both had a great time. The only downside was that we missed Nathan soooooo much. Everything's better and easier for sure when Daddy is there. He came down on Friday to join us and to celebrate my birthday and Father's Day.

We played with our friends Kelli and Elsie Shirley. This is the best one I have of these two wiggle worms...

We saw Katie and got to meet sweet baby Metz (little Lane:) for the first time!!

Had a playdate w/Sue and Meghann and all the little ones. It was fun and crazy!
Addison, Emily, Noah, Hayes, and Libby

1st trip to Chucky Cheese's for Hayes-she rode 2 little rides. Loved this one and screamed about the other one where you ride in the car w/Chucky.

Spent alot of good quality time with our big cousins-Hayes was in heaven with so much entertainment and constant attention from these 3.

Lunch date at Chick Fil A with Mary Nelan and Barron, little cutie pie, almost ONE!

Cousin pictures in the 100 degree heat that Hayes was not fond of and I do not blame her. I really think Dothan was sooooo much hotter than here in B'ham.

Mary Hannah giving Hayes piano lessons...

Birthday Lunch w/Nana...

Please note the stickers on Hayes-this is our new strategy for eating out at restaurants. I put stickers all over her face and arms and hands once our food comes out and she will spend at least 15 minutes trying to pull them off. It's really funny and cute-they fascinate her and it gives us time to eat. I just have to make sure she doesn't eat them!

We had a great Father's Day too-my camera was dying by that point so I do not have many pics of that day-so sad!! But it was great and we were able to celebrate with both of our dads. We ate lunch in Montgomery w/my Dad at a new place called Farmhouse Kitchen I think? It was delicious and we were also able to go visit our sweet Grandaddy's grave while we were in Montgomery. We miss him so much!! Happy (late) Father's Day to all the Daddies. I know one little baby girl who wouldn't trade her Daddy for anything in this world. Hayes is so in love w/him and I am too! Happy Father's Day, Nathan!! We think you are the BEST!!

I have a hilarious video I will try to post of Hayes and her Grandaddy playing in the pool. I am trying to upload but Blogger will not let me. Any tips?
Enjoy the pictures!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Urban Cookhouse and Birmingham Mom

We tried a new place in Homewood on Saturday night called Urban Cookhouse. It was SO INCREDIBLY DELICIOUS!!! Everything they serve is locally grown, so it's really fresh. We picked up a meal for 4 and everything about our meal was awesome!! We chose the lime marinated steak, pasta, and roasted vegetables and it was to die for. We loved every bite and even had enough left over for lunch on Sunday. Hayes loved it too, the steak and vegetables! We cannot wait to go back again. Everything looks so good on their menu. Hayes and I are going to Dothan this week, but I don't think I will have to worry about what Nathan will eat while we are away b/c I know he can't wait to pick it up again. I already told him this is what I want for my birthday meal! Haha! Try it and I promise you will love it!!

Also, this is a new website I am in love with. It is and it is incredible!! I keep clicking around on their site and finding more info/articles to read. They have so much information on there for moms-specifically a calendar of daily events around Birmingham (storytimes and ages, Mcwane events, etc.) This will come in SO handy on these long summer days when we're up by 6 am and already looking for something to do! Also, all of the family friendly restaurants and kids eat free places around B'ham are listed for you, plus lots of interesting articles. This was a great idea someone had for moms-everything all rolled into one website. Some of you already know about it I'm sure-if not check it out!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Summer So Far

1. Reading in her favorite spot

2. Coloring (as long as she can pick the colors out of the bag herself)

3. Strolling our new favorite puppy (backwards)-this puppy is the reason she barks so much-she barks at him every time she looks at him!

4. POOL TIME which is very fun, but definitely a game of survival for us both!!

5. Playing at the HOT Playground, she didn't seem to mind the heat though!

We LOVE summer! Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Daniel and Jamie's Wedding

Nathan's cousin Daniel got married this past weekend in Fairhope. It was a great weekend and we're so happy for Daniel and his extremely sweet new bride, Jamie! It was a very fun and somewhat relaxing weekend getaway! I was able to sleep late both days until 8 or 8:30, drink coffee in bed until 10 and talk on the phone all morning-which absolutely never happens. It was great and just what I needed. Both nights were lots of fun too. All of Nathan's family was there, which is always a really good time. We left Hayes with her Nana and Papa and she did great. We were so ready to see her on Sunday though. I can't go too long without some sweet baby kisses from my Hayesie Daisy.

Some of my favorite people!!

They had the cutest, most creative Auburn cake for the grooms cake. Carrot cake-it was delicous. Pay no attention to these bad sports/Alabama fans who would not even eat any!

Lindsey sang at the wedding and did a fantastic job. Wish I had taken a pic of you up there Lindsey!

Here is the Wright family picture taken at the reception. I'm not sure this is everyone but it's the best one I have on my camera!!

What a fun weekend!! So that is 2 cousin weddings in 2 months. Sadly there are no more coming up soon, at least not this year.
Other News:
1. We finally closed on our house yesterday! Yea!! It went very well. We're so thankful to have that behind us. Now we are enjoying our "beach house/apartment" lifestyle (haha!) until we find a house that we love. There is no rush there though b/c we have this place for at least 6 months, and I'm happy about not having to rush to move again, what a JOB that is.
2. Hayes has a new trick-BARKING like a puppy. She does it ALL THE TIME. It's really cute, but sometimes inappropriate! We need to work on context with that trick. She thinks people, dogs, cats and anything that moves should bark. She wakes up barking at her little puppy in the mornings. She's hilarious. Would not take anything in this world for her!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Sweet Times

My heart is completely full.

They love each other so much. How could they not?!

Thank you Jesus for these 2 incredible blessings in my life!!

We are packing this morning for our weekend trip. Hayes has no idea she's not going w/us and that she is going to her grandparents. She will have so much fun, I just hope she does okay in the car, especially for you Nana!!
My sister got Hayes this big girl outfit from Mini Boden and I love it on her!! She doesn't have anything like this. Her one and only pair of shorts and actually one of the few shirts she has-everything else is pretty much a dress or bubble. I think it is adorable on her. Thanks Aunt Alyssa, for always loving her and thinking of her like she is one of your own. She is wearing her new outfit today!

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

We're HOME!

We survived the move! We are finally all unpacked and as settled as we are going to be in our new/temporary home!! We're not sure how long we're going to be here, probably 6 months, but so far we are LOVING this place. It is so easy, breezy, and cute, all updated, and we have a fun pool! Hayes is in heaven. It's so nice because I know there is not much she can get into like she could in our old house. I can see her from the kitchen. We have carpet here, not used to that, and it is thankfully brand new so that gives her good practice with her running skills!! So we're excited about her having a few less bruises from falling on the hardwoods now that we're here!

This is what Hayes thinks about the carpet in her new room!!

God absolutely worked out every single detail of our move. On Friday, Hayes went to Dothan to stay w/her cousins and grandparents for the 1st time all by herself. There is no way we could have done everything with her here with us. Thank you Aunt Alyssa for meeting us and taking Miss Haisy Daisy on Friday and thank you Shug for getting our sweet baby back to us on Monday!

She had a great time being spoiled and entertained on her little vacation and we survived too since we were so busy, although by Sunday night I started breaking down and was so ready to get her back!! We enjoyed THREE fun date nights in a row and that was such a treat. Saturday was a rainy day, very messy here in Birmingham, but the movers did not even notice the rain and got everything finished without any problem-now we have TONS in storage and everything else in our apartment. I have to say how easy it is to only have just what we need right here, NO EXTRA china, platters, lamps, linens, bags, clothes, furniture, seasonal items, etc.. Life is simple right now and I like it that way. It really feels like we're on vacation only having our clothes and kitchen stuff! We may decide to leave all of our stuff in storage permanently. Haha! Not really but for now it's wonderful, and our storage unit is right across the street if we do need anything. Also, we are super excited to be RIGHT down the street from FOUR of our couple friends, all who have babies around Hayes' age. We're so happy and excited about our new location, close and convenient to everything!

After bathtime when Hayes puts her pajamas on and brushes her hair and teeth she is always wanting a bow. She thinks she is getting ready for the day after she takes her bath, so we just let her put one in her hair before bed at night. Such a prissy pot!!

This weekend we have a wedding in Fairhope and Miss Priss is going BACK to Dothan again this weekend to stay with her Nana and Papa. I really can't believe she's going 2 weekends in a row. But I know she will have fun and we are looking forward to our little mini-vacation. Should be a very fun weekend!!

One last thing, I know I posted the recipe once before for Greek Chicken Pasta. I'll re-write it and post it again. We had it last night and it was delicious, definitely one of our favorites!!