Wednesday, June 2, 2010

We're HOME!

We survived the move! We are finally all unpacked and as settled as we are going to be in our new/temporary home!! We're not sure how long we're going to be here, probably 6 months, but so far we are LOVING this place. It is so easy, breezy, and cute, all updated, and we have a fun pool! Hayes is in heaven. It's so nice because I know there is not much she can get into like she could in our old house. I can see her from the kitchen. We have carpet here, not used to that, and it is thankfully brand new so that gives her good practice with her running skills!! So we're excited about her having a few less bruises from falling on the hardwoods now that we're here!

This is what Hayes thinks about the carpet in her new room!!

God absolutely worked out every single detail of our move. On Friday, Hayes went to Dothan to stay w/her cousins and grandparents for the 1st time all by herself. There is no way we could have done everything with her here with us. Thank you Aunt Alyssa for meeting us and taking Miss Haisy Daisy on Friday and thank you Shug for getting our sweet baby back to us on Monday!

She had a great time being spoiled and entertained on her little vacation and we survived too since we were so busy, although by Sunday night I started breaking down and was so ready to get her back!! We enjoyed THREE fun date nights in a row and that was such a treat. Saturday was a rainy day, very messy here in Birmingham, but the movers did not even notice the rain and got everything finished without any problem-now we have TONS in storage and everything else in our apartment. I have to say how easy it is to only have just what we need right here, NO EXTRA china, platters, lamps, linens, bags, clothes, furniture, seasonal items, etc.. Life is simple right now and I like it that way. It really feels like we're on vacation only having our clothes and kitchen stuff! We may decide to leave all of our stuff in storage permanently. Haha! Not really but for now it's wonderful, and our storage unit is right across the street if we do need anything. Also, we are super excited to be RIGHT down the street from FOUR of our couple friends, all who have babies around Hayes' age. We're so happy and excited about our new location, close and convenient to everything!

After bathtime when Hayes puts her pajamas on and brushes her hair and teeth she is always wanting a bow. She thinks she is getting ready for the day after she takes her bath, so we just let her put one in her hair before bed at night. Such a prissy pot!!

This weekend we have a wedding in Fairhope and Miss Priss is going BACK to Dothan again this weekend to stay with her Nana and Papa. I really can't believe she's going 2 weekends in a row. But I know she will have fun and we are looking forward to our little mini-vacation. Should be a very fun weekend!!

One last thing, I know I posted the recipe once before for Greek Chicken Pasta. I'll re-write it and post it again. We had it last night and it was delicious, definitely one of our favorites!!


The Cains said...

so glad the move went well! There is something about living simple! We'll need a play date soon - CE loves the pool:) Y'all have a great mini-vaca weekend!

The DeRieux Family said...

We LOVE having y'all so close!! Looking forward to a fun Summer!!