Friday, June 4, 2010

Sweet Times

My heart is completely full.

They love each other so much. How could they not?!

Thank you Jesus for these 2 incredible blessings in my life!!

We are packing this morning for our weekend trip. Hayes has no idea she's not going w/us and that she is going to her grandparents. She will have so much fun, I just hope she does okay in the car, especially for you Nana!!
My sister got Hayes this big girl outfit from Mini Boden and I love it on her!! She doesn't have anything like this. Her one and only pair of shorts and actually one of the few shirts she has-everything else is pretty much a dress or bubble. I think it is adorable on her. Thanks Aunt Alyssa, for always loving her and thinking of her like she is one of your own. She is wearing her new outfit today!

Happy Friday!


The Piedmonts said...

Hey Amy
Thanks for the comment about Ellie and the upcoming baby- Hayes is adorable too of course and I am glad everything is going smoothly with the move. I can not wait to find out whether we are having a boy or a girl but do not care either way. I always thought mike would want a boy so bad but just like your sweet husband he loves being a daddy to his little princess and does not care if we have all girls. It is the sweetest thing - a girl and her daddy- I could not love them both more if I tried.

Have a great "adult" weekend!- jealous!!!

lindseykennedy said...

These pictures are so cute! I wonder what they are looking at. Daisy looks so cute in her big girl shorts! I can't wait to see yall this weekend!

Crazy Lady said...

nothing like a dad and his girl. darling.

Brandi Bartee said...

Precious and I totally love her new outfit. Hope you and Nathan have a wonderful weekend!!

The Griffins said...

i love that the last picture is by the toilet. So funny. I love boden. They have the cutest stuff. Where di dyou move too????