Monday, June 14, 2010

Urban Cookhouse and Birmingham Mom

We tried a new place in Homewood on Saturday night called Urban Cookhouse. It was SO INCREDIBLY DELICIOUS!!! Everything they serve is locally grown, so it's really fresh. We picked up a meal for 4 and everything about our meal was awesome!! We chose the lime marinated steak, pasta, and roasted vegetables and it was to die for. We loved every bite and even had enough left over for lunch on Sunday. Hayes loved it too, the steak and vegetables! We cannot wait to go back again. Everything looks so good on their menu. Hayes and I are going to Dothan this week, but I don't think I will have to worry about what Nathan will eat while we are away b/c I know he can't wait to pick it up again. I already told him this is what I want for my birthday meal! Haha! Try it and I promise you will love it!!

Also, this is a new website I am in love with. It is and it is incredible!! I keep clicking around on their site and finding more info/articles to read. They have so much information on there for moms-specifically a calendar of daily events around Birmingham (storytimes and ages, Mcwane events, etc.) This will come in SO handy on these long summer days when we're up by 6 am and already looking for something to do! Also, all of the family friendly restaurants and kids eat free places around B'ham are listed for you, plus lots of interesting articles. This was a great idea someone had for moms-everything all rolled into one website. Some of you already know about it I'm sure-if not check it out!!


lindseykennedy said...

I love all the new pictures of Daisy reading. She is getting so much bigger. I can't wait to see her this weekend! I also love her pool cover-up!

Brooke said...

Hi Amy -
Thank you so much for the nice comments regarding We're so glad you like the site and find the information useful. Your comments made our day. Feel free to send us your ideas and feedback. Thanks again -- love your blog and your beautiful family. It's great to know of another, wonderful Birmingham family.
Warm regards,