Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June Trip to Dothan

We spent almost a whole week in Dothan last week. It was lots of FUN and HOT, HOT, HOT!! We stayed busy the whole time seeing family and friends and we both had a great time. The only downside was that we missed Nathan soooooo much. Everything's better and easier for sure when Daddy is there. He came down on Friday to join us and to celebrate my birthday and Father's Day.

We played with our friends Kelli and Elsie Shirley. This is the best one I have of these two wiggle worms...

We saw Katie and got to meet sweet baby Metz (little Lane:) for the first time!!

Had a playdate w/Sue and Meghann and all the little ones. It was fun and crazy!
Addison, Emily, Noah, Hayes, and Libby

1st trip to Chucky Cheese's for Hayes-she rode 2 little rides. Loved this one and screamed about the other one where you ride in the car w/Chucky.

Spent alot of good quality time with our big cousins-Hayes was in heaven with so much entertainment and constant attention from these 3.

Lunch date at Chick Fil A with Mary Nelan and Barron, little cutie pie, almost ONE!

Cousin pictures in the 100 degree heat that Hayes was not fond of and I do not blame her. I really think Dothan was sooooo much hotter than here in B'ham.

Mary Hannah giving Hayes piano lessons...

Birthday Lunch w/Nana...

Please note the stickers on Hayes-this is our new strategy for eating out at restaurants. I put stickers all over her face and arms and hands once our food comes out and she will spend at least 15 minutes trying to pull them off. It's really funny and cute-they fascinate her and it gives us time to eat. I just have to make sure she doesn't eat them!

We had a great Father's Day too-my camera was dying by that point so I do not have many pics of that day-so sad!! But it was great and we were able to celebrate with both of our dads. We ate lunch in Montgomery w/my Dad at a new place called Farmhouse Kitchen I think? It was delicious and we were also able to go visit our sweet Grandaddy's grave while we were in Montgomery. We miss him so much!! Happy (late) Father's Day to all the Daddies. I know one little baby girl who wouldn't trade her Daddy for anything in this world. Hayes is so in love w/him and I am too! Happy Father's Day, Nathan!! We think you are the BEST!!

I have a hilarious video I will try to post of Hayes and her Grandaddy playing in the pool. I am trying to upload but Blogger will not let me. Any tips?
Enjoy the pictures!!

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