Saturday, November 1, 2014

I never blog anymore...

I am so sad I have not kept up this blog! I really do regret it now. It's just hard to sit down at the computer. I could barely remember my password! Life has been fully and busy. Hayes has started kindergarten now and Watson is in the 3's at Covenant. They both have amazing, amazing, amazing teachers. I love them so much and am so thankful to feel confident and secure with leaving my babies with them. I need to organize my pictures on my computer, they are atrocious right now and I need to be better about uploading from my phone so I can start documenting our life again. :) Hope to be back soon though!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Just a little behind...Pumpkin Patch and Halloween 2013

So, we've been pretty busy and the blog has not been updated in quite a while! I still do not want to let it go, so I am going to try to keep it up to date if I can!

We went to Old Baker Farm in October with Baker and Lindsey. It was so fun and we always love that pumpkin patch. The kids had a ball. I hope they never outgrow this!

 Our family, thank you Lord!

For Halloween this year we had a pirate and a princess. They were so excited and really we celebrated all month with playdates and different things. So when Halloween night actually got here, the princess ended up with a fever that turned into strep throat. She did not get to trick or treat but her sidekick made sure she had some candy too.

 Aldridge Gardens preschool this one
 This boy loved being a pirate. He was a funny one!
 W trick or treated with our sweet friends Parker, Emma Kate and newborn baby Luke! See him popping out of Kara's shirt?! They had so much fun and this mama stayed home with my sick one and Daddy took him.

Both kids have birthdays just around the corner after Christmas, almost 5 and 3. It is so hard to believe. These years are just flying by way too fast. I am truly, truly thankful for every day. They keep me laughing and praying and stopping for cokes at mcdonald's just so I can keep up with them.
Trip to the zoo...
Fun swing our neighbor around the corner has...
They love being outside. I am slightly already over this cold weather.
I do have Thanksgiving pictures but they look like Christmas pictures! Hope to download those soon so I can post about it. There is so much more about our fall, this is just all I can think of for now! 


Saturday, September 21, 2013

Growing Boy

Watson is 2 1/2 now and growing up and changing waaaaay too fast! I guess having an older sibling makes them grow up and do things a lot quicker than the first one.. For example, our new school schedule this year feels crazy. I'm struggling to keep up! I feel like we're constantly in the car, and these are just the preschool years. His naps have pretty much ceased altogether in the last few weeks, mainly because there is no time. Sad I know. This makes for some pretty long days/afternoons. But he is too busy to stop and sleep, and he's just not sleepy enough for daytime sleep. Which is sad b/c I need some daytime sleep most days! He is high energy, full force, 100% at all times. I don't know how he can keep going all day but he can...
1st time figuring out how to ride Hayes' bike...he finally is tall enough to push the pedals all the way down and keep going!

Ice Cream Date w/Mommy at Chick fil A. Such nice manners.


Donut Date with his buddy, Jack! I think he is really enjoying these days when Hayes goes to school and he stays home. I don't blame him.

My little man!

He is just the sweetest. We are so thankful for his wild rough and tough, but oh so precious spirit everyday. He keeps us laughing all the time!

Soccer, Dance, Carpool and Doctor

Hayes had her first day of dance for this year a few weeks ago. She is taking at a new place. So far she is loving it! I'm so glad. She was so excited for her 1st day! Taking ballet/tap and acro. I think so far acro is her favorite. The girl is all about flipping and rolling around!

 She is also playing soccer this fall on Sundays. Last weekend was her first practice/game. She was excited about her new gear! She loved warming up and doing all the exercises at the practice. But the excitement definitely waned as the game started. There are 8 games total, so we have 7 more to go. I hope we can make it and that her enthusiasm will pick up a bit! haha! We will see.

(you see those torn up blinds in the background? a direct result of the wild 2 yr old that lives here!)

1st day of carpool a couple of weeks ago...such a big deal to go through that carpool line for her. She loves it!

Playing doctor, one of their most favorite activities...they love when the other one gets hurt so they can be the doctor. Here Hayes fell in the driveway and Watson was so excited to go get the dr. kit and and check her out. They play this multiple times throughout the day with each other and us and their stuffed animals!

H-4 1/2 yrs.
W-2 1/2 yrs.

Monday, September 9, 2013

First Day of School

I have gotten a little behind but I'm going to start back with the beginning of the school year. School started last Wednesday and these little ones were ready!

 Hayes is in the 4 yr old class this year and has wonderful teachers. I am so excited for her this year. She seems so much older to me and I can't believe it's her last year of preschool. She is 4 going on 14! She loves school so much and loves a routine. It's crazy that kindergarten is just around the corner for her. I am soaking up every day before that starts because she is just growing up way too fast. She is going 4 mornings this year which I told Nathan will prepare me for next year with her being gone 5 full day. I can't imagine!!

Hayes-1st Day of 4's
And Watson is in the 2's this year, which means he is no longer in the Mother's Day out, but is now part of the Day School. So big! He will get to do so many fun things this year like art and music and chapel. He is going 2 mornings to school. He is a wild man, growing bigger and sweeter every day. We describe him as sweet as pie and tough as nails! Such a little mess. He runs around this house growling like a tiger and trying to scare everybody. But has the sweetest little heart.
Watson-1st Day of 2's

Friday, July 12, 2013

July Fun

Hayes did another week of swimming lessons the first week of July. I don't know who is more proud to be finished with that! I think she and Watson both deserve a medal. Hayes for working so hard and Watson too for sitting through 5 1/2 hours of her lessons. So proud of them both! We've tried to get in lots of pool time this summer, but realistically it's only been about twice a week. It's alot of fun to go but also a lot of work (for mama!)

We've been to 2 Barons games this summer. The new stadium is so nice and so much fun, even for the kids. We've had good seats both times and the kids have been able to be up and down and inside and outside which definitely helps. Oh and the snacks are totally the reason we go. This family can't go 2 seconds without having to have something in their mouths. So glad we have this fun activity in Birmingham. I see lots of baseball games in our future!

We are also loving these cheap summer kids movies. Again, snacks are the only reason we can make it through the movie. They both love popcorn and fruit snacks. It's a good deal and one way to stay indoors! Yesterday we went with our buddies Jack and Lillie. They loved it. And let me say for the record my kids still have no idea what movie they are ever watching. They never know or care. It's just a fun and different atmosphere for them.

Our cool cousin Baker came to town with Aunt Lindsey and few weeks ago and we met them at McWane Center and then to get a popsicle at Steel City Pops. These two had a ball together! Wish we could see them more! We had a great time with y'all Lindsey!!!

Fun times with friends...Maggie and William...
Library summer reading program = free ice cream. Whoo hoo!
Our big cousin, Claire, spent the day with us on Monday and that was such a treat. Cousins are H & W's world. We play alot of pretending our cousins are coming over. So fun when we do get to see them. She was a huge help, just like having another adult here to play and entertain. They love her!! Little brother is terrified of chick fil a cows by the way.  Hayes loves them and would go home with them if they invited her.

Lazy summer mornings...we love starfall and pbs kids and sprout...
Lastly, Watson has a big boy bed in him room now but does not yet sleep in it. Still falls asleep in his sleeping bag and then I move him to his baby bed. One night I found him like this on his big bed. Guess he was just trying it out! I don't think either one of us is really ready for it.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Carwash

This summer has been packed full of activities. All day, every day. I know I'm not the only mom who is constantly thinking of ideas to keep my kids busy at home! We spend a huge portion of our day outside, either in the backyard or in the driveway. Lately all that Watson wants to do are riding toys in the driveway. Non-stop! It's impossible to get from the car to inside the house without spending about an hour outside in between. They both love the bike, tricycle, plasma car or cozy coupe. Hayes has gotten to be a good bike rider (w/her training wheels still) and Watson is super fast on that tricycle (he can't pedal yet but just pushes with his feet!)
My friend Ashley gave me the idea of having a car wash w/the riding toys. SO MUCH FUN. And simple. We got some toys out and I gave each a bucket of water and a sponge and they were in heaven washing their cars. Hayes has talked about it many times since and wants to do it again so she can wash her wheels on her car!