Friday, July 12, 2013

July Fun

Hayes did another week of swimming lessons the first week of July. I don't know who is more proud to be finished with that! I think she and Watson both deserve a medal. Hayes for working so hard and Watson too for sitting through 5 1/2 hours of her lessons. So proud of them both! We've tried to get in lots of pool time this summer, but realistically it's only been about twice a week. It's alot of fun to go but also a lot of work (for mama!)

We've been to 2 Barons games this summer. The new stadium is so nice and so much fun, even for the kids. We've had good seats both times and the kids have been able to be up and down and inside and outside which definitely helps. Oh and the snacks are totally the reason we go. This family can't go 2 seconds without having to have something in their mouths. So glad we have this fun activity in Birmingham. I see lots of baseball games in our future!

We are also loving these cheap summer kids movies. Again, snacks are the only reason we can make it through the movie. They both love popcorn and fruit snacks. It's a good deal and one way to stay indoors! Yesterday we went with our buddies Jack and Lillie. They loved it. And let me say for the record my kids still have no idea what movie they are ever watching. They never know or care. It's just a fun and different atmosphere for them.

Our cool cousin Baker came to town with Aunt Lindsey and few weeks ago and we met them at McWane Center and then to get a popsicle at Steel City Pops. These two had a ball together! Wish we could see them more! We had a great time with y'all Lindsey!!!

Fun times with friends...Maggie and William...
Library summer reading program = free ice cream. Whoo hoo!
Our big cousin, Claire, spent the day with us on Monday and that was such a treat. Cousins are H & W's world. We play alot of pretending our cousins are coming over. So fun when we do get to see them. She was a huge help, just like having another adult here to play and entertain. They love her!! Little brother is terrified of chick fil a cows by the way.  Hayes loves them and would go home with them if they invited her.

Lazy summer mornings...we love starfall and pbs kids and sprout...
Lastly, Watson has a big boy bed in him room now but does not yet sleep in it. Still falls asleep in his sleeping bag and then I move him to his baby bed. One night I found him like this on his big bed. Guess he was just trying it out! I don't think either one of us is really ready for it.

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