Monday, July 30, 2012

The Dentist

This morning I took both kids to the dentist for a checkup. I was nervous about how it would be having both getting their teeth cleaned. Every time Hayes has been we have had a meltdown/fall apart session. I asked Nathan to say a prayer for me at 10-not sure if he did or not?!! She did not go back willingly but did pretty good. When the lady came out to get her, she immediately ran up and told her "Watson has sugar on his teeth!" like we were only there for him and that she wouldn't have to see the dentist. That did not work! I am proud of her. I know that is scary to have to go back by yourself! She was teary when she finished and I came back to see her. But she got a bag of treats and big time praise for not sucking her thumb anymore! Big boy got his teeth cleaned too. He's still so little, but Hayes had an appt. anyway and he's on our dental insurance too so I figured he might as well go at the same time. They both got good reports and clean teeth! And both were almost in a trance when we left. I think going to the dentist is probably the most traumatic experience either have ever had. They both acted like they were in shock when we got in the car and then both passed out asleep on the way to Target at 11:00 in the morning!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Favorite shirt and the Hair Stylists

Hayes wanted to wear Nathan's green t-shirt the other day. He loves this shirt, it's just old and soft and so of course she wanted to wear when he wasn't! We rigged it to fit her, sort of. This is what these kids do while daddy cuts the grass. Stare sadly out the window and watch him. He always has an audience when he is doing yard work! This is how I found these 2 this morning trying to fix Hayes' hair by themselves. They love playing with the water spray bottle and now Hayes is into doing her own hair. Watson was assisting. They are so funny together! Why does blogger make everything so off-centered now? I am sure I am not using the most updated version though. Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Week in Dothan

Summer is starting to feel like it's been here for a while now! My days are blurring together. Our summer has been busy and very un-relaxing. That is to be expected I guess with no schedule and 2 small children who are never, ever still. Nathan had a work trip last week so the kids and I spent the week in Dothan with the grandparents. It was a full and fun week. We visited lots of family and friends, went to a baby shower, had my fill of Mama Rosa's and Mex. Connection and just enjoyed having extra hands w/my children! I did not take my camera so these were a few pics snapped during the week from my mom's camera. One of the highlights of the week was getting to see old friends. Good friends who I love but don't get to see nearly enough!! Hayes and I had a lunch date w/Kelli and her little girl Elsie. They only noticed each other when it was over though! We had a girls nights one night too so it was fun to catch up with each other. We missed Nathan so, so, so much. I could never be one to get used to a traveling husband. H & W are CRAZY about their Daddy and loved hearing him on the phone. As a sidenote, Hayes has become a decent conversationalist on the telephone. Trying to snap them together hardly ever works! This is usually as good as it gets. At least they are both in the camera lense. I love that our family loves us and looks forward to us coming home. It's a good feeling knowing my babies are so loved. I'm learning/seeing more and more how extremely short and unexpected life is. We had a great lesson on Sunday (we always have practical, real world lessons in our class-it's amazing) and then at lunch we sat near a beautiful family who lost their mother about 2 months ago. A YOUNG mother. It's so hard to think about without getting emotional. I think God puts these stories/situations/people (that we don't even know) in our path to help us recognize our own need for Him and to never take our blessings for granted. We have alot of crazy, stressful moments as probably every one with little people in the house. But those are just moments and they usually pass pretty quickly. We have lots of laughter and love in this house and I am so thankful. I want to make every day count with my babies. They are growing up way too fast. Hayes is such a sweet, mature (mostly), independent little girl. And Watson, he is just WILD and silly in every sense of the word. He is learning so much and trying to talk more every day. I should do a monthly post for them soon so I can remember specifics. Nathan and I celebrated 7 years of marriage this month. I love him way, way more than I can express with words. I'm thankful God chose him just for me. I love living life with him. Happy anniversary, Nathan!!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Peanut Festival-looking back!!

These pictures are from the Peanut Festival last Oct/Nov in Dothan-so they are very old! But just found them and realized I never posted them. Hayes was not quite 3 and Watson was about 8 months. It was so much fun!! This makes me excited to take them this year. Hayes loves rides and I'm hopeful that Watson will too. Both families went and it was a full and fun day and you can see by the family of 4 pictures that we had some tired babies at the end of the day! I know it's only July but this already makes me look forward to fall and everything that comes with it!

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Hayes started swimming lessons this week. Monday was her first day! It truly went so much better than I expected. She ran right up to the pool to sit and listen to her teacher. You never, ever know how things like that will go w/her. Things with her seem to get easier the older she gets. But she loved it and can't wait to go back, as long as the weather cooperates! I hope the next session will go just as well. She is taking with her buddy, Wyatt. I think it is helpful too for her that it's just the 2 of them and not a big group. She does better that way! And just for record keeping, she is officially not a thumb-sucker anymore! It took about 2 weeks or less of wearing band-aids and now she is not even asking for them anymore. No tears, no reminders, just over and done with it. We still can't believe it was that easy. She's just getting too BIG!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th!

Happy 4th of July! It is 7:15 and every person in this house is still sleeping! I like this! and it is a very, very rare occurence, so a good time to update the blog. I've gotten so behind on uploading my pictures to anywhere other than our hard drive. Last week I randomly decided to back them up onto another account because I suspected a virus on our computer. I haven't had any developed since last Fall so it was risky having all my babies' childhood happenings right here on this old dell! Strangely enough after our weekend trip to Dothan we came home to all our pictures and documents being erased from our computer. NOTHING LEFT at all. Except on our big hard drive which I have no idea how to access. Thankfully they are all on another website now so I can still go back and develop all those important pics that I am positive (haha) my children will want to see one day. The point is BACK UP ALL YOUR PICS somewhere if you plan to keep them! Nathan played golf this past weekend so I took the kids to Dothan to see their grandparents. The weekend was lots of fun and fairly smooth which is a praise! We had a good trip there, not stopping even once, which was so nice! We stayed w/Shug and Grandaddy Friday night and they had a great time running wild, playing in the hose, doing art, etc. Fun times and good memories for my kids. I love that Hayes is now old enought to make memories and remember things. And here are our twins-just kidding but they look the exact same size! On Saturday we went to Nana and Papa's and they rented a huge waterslide for all the grandkids to play on for the weekend. We just knew Hayes was going to love it. She went down about 5 times that morning and then was done! Of course! She enjoys things about 5 minutes before she is ready to move on to the next activity! Our little gardeners...they both love the water hose more than anything outside! And this little boy may have been a tad bit too small for such a big and rough slide, but he went down over and over anyway! He would laugh all the way up the ladder and all the way down the slide and then looked completely dazed at the end of the slide. It really was a crazy fast and wild slide! Thanks Papa for taking him up the 1st time! On Sunday we ate lunch in Montgomery with Pop Pop and Susan so we were able to see everybody (except Honey) all in one weekend. I am thankful for my fairly good travellers this weekend since I was solo. And I'm thankful for all the grandparents who want to spend time with our children. It's hard not having any grandparents in town on a daily basis, but it does make it all the more exciting and meaningful when we do get to see them.