Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Favorite shirt and the Hair Stylists

Hayes wanted to wear Nathan's green t-shirt the other day. He loves this shirt, it's just old and soft and so of course she wanted to wear when he wasn't! We rigged it to fit her, sort of. This is what these kids do while daddy cuts the grass. Stare sadly out the window and watch him. He always has an audience when he is doing yard work! This is how I found these 2 this morning trying to fix Hayes' hair by themselves. They love playing with the water spray bottle and now Hayes is into doing her own hair. Watson was assisting. They are so funny together! Why does blogger make everything so off-centered now? I am sure I am not using the most updated version though. Happy Wednesday!

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Anonymous said...

They are so precious, Amy! I could just eat them up!