Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th!

Happy 4th of July! It is 7:15 and every person in this house is still sleeping! I like this! and it is a very, very rare occurence, so a good time to update the blog. I've gotten so behind on uploading my pictures to anywhere other than our hard drive. Last week I randomly decided to back them up onto another account because I suspected a virus on our computer. I haven't had any developed since last Fall so it was risky having all my babies' childhood happenings right here on this old dell! Strangely enough after our weekend trip to Dothan we came home to all our pictures and documents being erased from our computer. NOTHING LEFT at all. Except on our big hard drive which I have no idea how to access. Thankfully they are all on another website now so I can still go back and develop all those important pics that I am positive (haha) my children will want to see one day. The point is BACK UP ALL YOUR PICS somewhere if you plan to keep them! Nathan played golf this past weekend so I took the kids to Dothan to see their grandparents. The weekend was lots of fun and fairly smooth which is a praise! We had a good trip there, not stopping even once, which was so nice! We stayed w/Shug and Grandaddy Friday night and they had a great time running wild, playing in the hose, doing art, etc. Fun times and good memories for my kids. I love that Hayes is now old enought to make memories and remember things. And here are our twins-just kidding but they look the exact same size! On Saturday we went to Nana and Papa's and they rented a huge waterslide for all the grandkids to play on for the weekend. We just knew Hayes was going to love it. She went down about 5 times that morning and then was done! Of course! She enjoys things about 5 minutes before she is ready to move on to the next activity! Our little gardeners...they both love the water hose more than anything outside! And this little boy may have been a tad bit too small for such a big and rough slide, but he went down over and over anyway! He would laugh all the way up the ladder and all the way down the slide and then looked completely dazed at the end of the slide. It really was a crazy fast and wild slide! Thanks Papa for taking him up the 1st time! On Sunday we ate lunch in Montgomery with Pop Pop and Susan so we were able to see everybody (except Honey) all in one weekend. I am thankful for my fairly good travellers this weekend since I was solo. And I'm thankful for all the grandparents who want to spend time with our children. It's hard not having any grandparents in town on a daily basis, but it does make it all the more exciting and meaningful when we do get to see them.

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