Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Big Day for a Little Man

Monday was Watson's 2nd birthday! With the kids' birthdays only being 4 weeks apart his kind of snuck up on me. I am guessing it will be like that every year. But I did my prep work and got everything ready the night before for his birthday breakfast and day of fun! He was so happy when he woke up. We all 3 went in his room and sang happy birthday-his new favorite song-he sings it all the time now- and he loved it, smiled the whole time. We had doughnuts for breakfast of course and he blew out his candles. We took sister to school for a little bit and he and I ran around and met Nathan for lunch. Mexican, one of his favorites! He loves the rice and beans, so sweet. (The last time we went to eat he was trying to order all by himself and said "rice pease!" Oh he is so sweet I could cry.) Anyway we picked up Hayes and filled the rest of the day with playtime at McWane and Chucky Cheese that night. And we all slept very, very good that night. Thanks sweet little man for having a birthday and letting us celebrate you. You are so precious and we're thrilled we get to be your family. We thank God for you every single day. You are loved tremendously by all of us!!! Happy #2!!! I have to add in here too how excited Hayes was that it was Watson's birthday. Someone asked Nathan if she was going to be jealous and oh no, that could not be more opposite! She was probably way more excited about his than her own. She spends hours talking about and planning for people's birthdays. Currently she is planning a party for her cousin Alice and Aunt Lindsey. Such a sweet little soul!! And on another note I don't know how we all of a sudden have a 2 and 4 year old, I think that means we're getting old!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Almost 2!

Somebody has a big day coming up in a couple of days! He's the smallest one and he's almost TWO which is just unbelievable. Our family would be so different without him. He is a pure mess, all the time! He keeps up laughing and running. That is no joke-he is like lightning! If he gets out of your reach somewhere you better have your running shoes on b/c he can take off and does not slow down. We are celebrating him all weekend and he is enjoying it. We had ice cream Friday afternoon and then a birthday pizza lunch today, one of his favorites. He can put away some pizza. Big sis had a birthday party this afternoon so I took W to the park to play, one of his favorite places. The slide is his favorite, it's scary tall and he loves to bang on the slide with his feet once he sits down. Every time we go get ice cream he eats about 2 or 3 bites and then marches to the trashcan to throw his away. Who does that? He's not the biggest fan of sweets which is surprising. So different from Hayes who is the SLOWEST sweets eater around, she gets every last drop of her ice cream. What he is a big fan of is a pen and paper, cause he only gets that when we're out and about and I need to keep him busy for a few seconds. Please notice Hayes' "party dress." It's not a party to Hayes unless she is wearing her "party dress!" It has made quite a few appearances at all the birthday parties lately. She refuses to wear anything else on party days. At least we're getting good use out of it!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Fresh Air and Sunshine

We have had so many cold and/or rainy days lately. I am really looking forward to the spring! We had a sunny day Tuesday so we got to enjoy some outside play. Being outside is just good for everybody. I don't know where this came from, but I feel so guilty if my kids don't get to be outside and play everyday. I just cannot stand the thought of them going to bed at night without being outside at least a little and having fresh air. Of course that just doesn't happen every day though. I want them to love playing in the yard and climbing and swinging and running and playing chase and hide and seek and I'm thankful that they do love those things for now! One of their favorite things to play is mexican restaurant-we are a mexican food loving family-they serve chips and salsa and cheese dip (all rocks of course) and tacos and enchiladas. They love to bring you more chips and tea and whatever else you need! They are very serious about it too. Funny to watch them in action. They dump all your food on their little picnic table. And the last pic is the meltdown by Bam Bam that followed after coming inside. Let it be noted that there are no shortage of fits in this house from the almost 2 year old. I'm hoping this stage passes quickly!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Curls

Both kids needed hair cuts this past weekend so I took Hayes on Saturday to get a little chop. I love those little curls and her hair looks so cute when it's a little shorter. She did really good! So many things are just so much easier the bigger they get. It's really amazing how much they change. The girl loves getting her hair cut now! Nathan and I decided Watson really did need a haircut, all that messy blonde hair was looking really girly. We took him on Sunday and he was so still and did great. I feel like he got a good bit cut off and now it's just not as sweet. Nathan says we should have gotten more cut off-such a Daddy thing to say! Do you see that straight part? The curls are hit and miss now. My baby is looking like a big boy. I'm having a hard time with him turning 2 next week. He is so excited though. Every time we say "birthday" he says "cupcake!"

Valentine's Day

The kids had their Valentine's party at school on the Wednesday before V day...lots of candy and treats in those little bags. We've been overloaded with sugar this past week, maybe even more than Halloween! This is how so many pics of them turn out? Faces looking everywhere except at the camera?!! We got a package in the mail from Nana and Papa and those never disappoint! I made heart shaped cinnamon rolls for breakfast and the kids opened their valentines bags from us. Watson was thrilled about his heart candy and ate the whole tube in about 3 minutes. We had a valentines lunch with friends at CFA of course and then made some brownies for Nathan that afternoon. W and I had a park date that afternoon while sister went to ballet. It was a great day being with all my valentines. I love them all so much!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Catching Up

We have had no internet for the past 2 weeks or so, and it's been kind of nice! I have had my phone to check emails, but now that our internet is back, I think it's official that I am getting old because I definitely prefer the huge computer screen at our desk as opposed to a 2 inch screen on the phone. It's just not the same! I'm a little behind at capturing all the moments we've had since Christmas. I will try to catch up!! First, the kids are getting so big. Hayes is now 4-still need to do a party post for her-and Watson is about to be 2 in a matter of days. The baby-ness is slipping away every day and it's hard to believe! They are both at really enjoyable stages and ages. Our days are different now that they are getting older. Rest time doesn't always happen and it seems like we have better days when we don't have rest time-crazy I know! But big sister sets the precedent for Watson-and he knows she's not napping-so of course he doesn't want to go to his room by himself. It's almost easier on everybody if he doesn't nap, and he's usually happy and makes to to bedtime just fine. When he does nap-it's on the floor in his sleeping bag-this was after 2 back to back birthday parties last Saturday (which I took them both to all by myself-no daddy this past weekend!) I thought he would sleep forever-only lasted about an hour though. I've probably said this before but I love them being 2 years apart in age. They play and fight so well together! There is alot of love between them and of course some screaming too. Glad they have each other to practice their "life skills" on! Fireman Watson at a birthday party... Hayes and Mary Carmen at a recent birthday party...both just looking SO old to me Both had dentist appointments last week-Watson did great surprisingly, Hayes did not-still doesn't like anyone messing with her. Good reports for both. Afternoon snack time-on the table-can you see those pantry doors back there? That pantry is slowly killing me. I wish we could rip the bi-fold doors off and install a steel door with a key! Watson is a total snack/food monster. "I hungy, I hungy!" ALL DAY LONG! Don't know what we are going to do with that boy, maybe let him get a job soon so he can pay all his food bills! hahhaha! Hayes is such a little girl-we spend a lot of time playing school, reading, doing art, playing games and cards, stickers, etc. And totally into making rules and trying to teach Watson things (which he cares nothing about!) She's growing up so fast. I'm so proud of her. Here she is trying to make him sit down for centers/storytime. Sorry sister!! We had her parent/teacher conference a few weeks ago and it was emotional-hearing someone else talk about your child's learning/personality traits/friends they play with/etc. And she's only in the 3's. I'm still having a hard time thinking about her being in the 4's next year 4 days a week. Life is too fast and I don't really like change. That's about it, or at least all I can remember. Happy Valentine's Day!!