Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Big Day for a Little Man

Monday was Watson's 2nd birthday! With the kids' birthdays only being 4 weeks apart his kind of snuck up on me. I am guessing it will be like that every year. But I did my prep work and got everything ready the night before for his birthday breakfast and day of fun! He was so happy when he woke up. We all 3 went in his room and sang happy birthday-his new favorite song-he sings it all the time now- and he loved it, smiled the whole time. We had doughnuts for breakfast of course and he blew out his candles. We took sister to school for a little bit and he and I ran around and met Nathan for lunch. Mexican, one of his favorites! He loves the rice and beans, so sweet. (The last time we went to eat he was trying to order all by himself and said "rice pease!" Oh he is so sweet I could cry.) Anyway we picked up Hayes and filled the rest of the day with playtime at McWane and Chucky Cheese that night. And we all slept very, very good that night. Thanks sweet little man for having a birthday and letting us celebrate you. You are so precious and we're thrilled we get to be your family. We thank God for you every single day. You are loved tremendously by all of us!!! Happy #2!!! I have to add in here too how excited Hayes was that it was Watson's birthday. Someone asked Nathan if she was going to be jealous and oh no, that could not be more opposite! She was probably way more excited about his than her own. She spends hours talking about and planning for people's birthdays. Currently she is planning a party for her cousin Alice and Aunt Lindsey. Such a sweet little soul!! And on another note I don't know how we all of a sudden have a 2 and 4 year old, I think that means we're getting old!


Jessica said...

Time does fly! Happy Birthday to Watson. He gets cuter with every new post!

Anonymous said...

Oh how sweet! I am honored. Tell her she can plan my party anytime! I like cupcakes. Happy Birthday to that sweet boy. I'm glad Baker got to be at the party, even if we couldn't. Love those kids!! -Aunt Lindsey