Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Curls

Both kids needed hair cuts this past weekend so I took Hayes on Saturday to get a little chop. I love those little curls and her hair looks so cute when it's a little shorter. She did really good! So many things are just so much easier the bigger they get. It's really amazing how much they change. The girl loves getting her hair cut now! Nathan and I decided Watson really did need a haircut, all that messy blonde hair was looking really girly. We took him on Sunday and he was so still and did great. I feel like he got a good bit cut off and now it's just not as sweet. Nathan says we should have gotten more cut off-such a Daddy thing to say! Do you see that straight part? The curls are hit and miss now. My baby is looking like a big boy. I'm having a hard time with him turning 2 next week. He is so excited though. Every time we say "birthday" he says "cupcake!"

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