Saturday, February 23, 2013

Almost 2!

Somebody has a big day coming up in a couple of days! He's the smallest one and he's almost TWO which is just unbelievable. Our family would be so different without him. He is a pure mess, all the time! He keeps up laughing and running. That is no joke-he is like lightning! If he gets out of your reach somewhere you better have your running shoes on b/c he can take off and does not slow down. We are celebrating him all weekend and he is enjoying it. We had ice cream Friday afternoon and then a birthday pizza lunch today, one of his favorites. He can put away some pizza. Big sis had a birthday party this afternoon so I took W to the park to play, one of his favorite places. The slide is his favorite, it's scary tall and he loves to bang on the slide with his feet once he sits down. Every time we go get ice cream he eats about 2 or 3 bites and then marches to the trashcan to throw his away. Who does that? He's not the biggest fan of sweets which is surprising. So different from Hayes who is the SLOWEST sweets eater around, she gets every last drop of her ice cream. What he is a big fan of is a pen and paper, cause he only gets that when we're out and about and I need to keep him busy for a few seconds. Please notice Hayes' "party dress." It's not a party to Hayes unless she is wearing her "party dress!" It has made quite a few appearances at all the birthday parties lately. She refuses to wear anything else on party days. At least we're getting good use out of it!

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