Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fun Times

Last weekend we went to Atlanta and spent the night w/one of my very best friends, Amanda, and her family. It was soooo fun to hang out with them and let the girls play together. Nathan went to a wedding Saturday night for a good friend and left us with the little ones. Hayes LOVES other children. She thought Anna Clare's toys were all so cool and their downstairs basement was like an indoor playground-SO much fun. Hayes was in heaven with so many new things to play with! Thanks for letting us come play Amanda!! We want to do it again soon!!

Sweet Lucy (8 months) and Hayes (now 15 months-whoa!!)

Anna Clare just turned 3!

Hayes was obsessed with pushing the baby doll stroller. I see one of these in our near future.

We had a GREAT time!! Thanks Amanda and Matt for sharing your house, toys, food, high chair, beds, etc!! We love y'all!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

School Picture

I cannot believe my 1 year old baby has a school picture. That is hilarious to me!! I love it and cannot believe she cooperated this much to sit in a chair and SMILE at the camera?! 9 out of 10 shots I get of her are of the side of her head or her back-which is why I have to take about 1 million per week-she's so fast!

My little Hayes
Covenant Pres MDO 2009-2010

Taken by Emily Joy Gresham
She took some sweet pictures of Hayes when she was little bitty and we loved them. Check out her website if you are local and interested!

Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Storytime and a Picnic

We had a fun and totally unplanned playdate with some friends this morning at the Whole Foods storytime. We had never been to the one at WF but it was AWESOME!! The lady leading the storytime, Ms. Kat, did a really good job keeping the kids entertained with her guitar and singing. Then after that part was over they had an earth day craft for the kids, playdough, which I was so excited about b/c I'd been thinking about getting some for Miss Priss. But I quickly figured out she's not quite ready for it. It went straight to her mouth and I'm sure she ate a good little bit with is being stuck on all her little fingers. Maybe in a couple of months. THEN, they had SNACKS for the kids!! Music, crafts and snacks-we will definitely be back next week! So Hayes ate most of her chicken nuggets and then was ready for playtime in their little kids play area. She had the best time w/her little friends, bouncing and clapping and actually paid attention to most of it. I have to say I am always leary of storytimes b/c Hayes does NOT like to listen to stories yet and therefore acts like a wild monkey the whole time at these things while the other kids either sit in their mom's laps or actually participate! As a teacher that kills me!! She doesn't like to read her books or for anyone to read one to her, just likes to throw them around and step on them. If you are reading to her, she will get the book out of your hand and close it! Ahh! I'm sure one day she'll like stories but for now that is NOT her thing. She would much rather play with toys or anything in my purse.

Laura Lyn and Emery, me and Hayes, Lindsey and Anna Leigh (now 4 months!!) and Christine and Jack

Here is a hint to our grandparents-Hayes had a ball playing in the play kitchen. I think she could entertain herself for hours with the kitchen toys!! She loves to play on the kitchen floor while I am cooking supper with bowls, lids, and spoons. I can't wait until she's big enough to actually help me!!

Then we came home and had a picnic on the front porch. It's a beautiful day. I just want to stay outside all day long. Except during her naptime, we all need a break then!

Do you have a swimsuit yet for the summer?! - Land's End has all their swimsuits 30% off today only which ends up being a really good deal. I just ordered mine and really hope I like it when it gets here. Thanks for the tip Alyssa! We are ready for the summer and some pool days at our house!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Recipe to Share-Greek Chicken

This is a favorite at our house. We used to eat it ALOT, now it's about once a month. We had it last night for supper and I forgot how GOOD and EASY it is!! There are only like 2 ingredients so it is definitely a last minute idea if you need one. Thought I would share.

Greek Chicken

2-3 chicken breasts, chopped into small pieces
1 lemon
Cavendar's Greek Seasoning
Olive oil

Pour small amount of olive oil in skillet and turn on medium heat. Wash and chop raw chicken into small, bite sized pieces and place in skillet. Season generously with greek seasoning and juice from lemon. Cover and let chicken cook 4-5 minutes on each side, stirring occasionally. When you turn chicken you can add more seasoning and lemon juice.
Serve over rice and add a vegetable, and there is your yummy, healthy and quick meal!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mary Hannah!!

Our sweet and adorable little niece Mary Hannah is having a birthday today. She is turning SIX years old! I cannot believe that. It seems like she should be Hayes' age still, running around and wearing diapers! Mary Hannah is so funny and silly, smart, VERY creative, curious, energetic and playful; everything you would expect from a 6 year old little girl! And she is definitely Alyssa and Cory's "think outside the box" child. She is finishing up kindergarten and will be a BIG 1st grader in August. Really where does time go? I know I will blink and we will be planning Hayes' 6th birthday party. MH in all her creative little thinking has decided she is having a puppy party. All the girls are bringing their favorite puppies to show off. They have a runway and everything and they will all get awards for their puppy! I know it will be sooo much fun for her. We love you so much Mary Hannah and we're so proud of you!! Hayes wishes she knew how to say "happy birthday!" maybe next year though!!

So happy!

Loves her cousins

And her big sister Holley

This one of MH and Hayes is so funny to me!

Happy Birthday to you sweet girl!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Claire's Wedding Weekend in Fairhope

We went to Fairhope this past weekend for Nathan's cousin Claire's wedding. It was such a FUN weekend and we all 3 had the best time!! We left early on Friday and had a nice and fairly quick trip, and Hayes was a trooper on the car ride there and back on Sunday. We were thankfully able to stay with our good friends, Lee and Regan and their little man Knox. We had the BEST time being with them and catching up!! Thanks for letting us invade your home for 2 days Regan!! Y'all are the best!!
Here is sweet little Knox!! He is 8 months and such a cutie pie. He and Hayes enjoyed watching each other all weekend!!

Rehearsal Dinner Friday night

Saturday we met up with Nathan's parents and some friends for an early lunch. The weather was beautiful all weekend, such a nice time of year for a wedding!

Grandaddy with his two favorite little people in the whole entire world.

Hayes and I did not get to watch the wedding. We stayed outside and played in the dirt and pinestraw while Claire and Chris got married. We did manage to get a family picture in the sanctuary before we left though. But, she did make quite an appearance at the reception. She ran around all over the golf course picking up balls and having people chase her, danced, ate cake and had a BALL. It was her first reception and she really enjoyed it and lasted THREE whole hours! We could not believe it. But it was definitely a challenge taking her and that may be her last reception for a while, so I'm glad she thoroughly enjoyed herself this go round!!

Dancing with Grandaddy. It is amazing how many pictures I have of these 2 already and she's only ONE! He just always seems to be holding her!!

"Here Claire, eat this roll that I've had in my hands for 2 hours." Hahha! Feeding people lately is one her new tricks!

Wow, that was a picture overload. I took way too many this weekend. Hope you all had a good weekend too!
Click on Lindsey's blog on the left for more pics of the weekend.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

I LOVE to look back and see how much Hayes has changed. It is amazing to see what she was like a year ago and then to see how much she has grown and developed since then!!

Easter 2009-she had no clue who the Easter bunny was and did not care who held her.

Easter 2010-she still has no clue who the Easter bunny is but does NOT want that big rabbit holding her! And I do not blame her. He was very friendly but a little strange looking!!

Easter Morning 2009

Easter Morning 2010

We had a wonderful Easter weekend! We stayed here in Birmingham and some of my family came in town on Saturday. We visited my sweet Grandmama who seems to be doing a lot better now. She is in a great facility here in Birmingham and will be doing physical therapy for the next 2 weeks. She was so sweet and looked so pretty when we saw her Saturday. We hope she'll get to go home soon when she gains more strength!!

I love Easter! It's such a special time, remembering the ultimate sacrifice Jesus made for us and knowing just how much he loves each one of us. I cannot imagine anything worse as a mother than knowing something bad would happen to your child. It's amazing that God loved the whole world that much (including everyone who he knew would hate him), that he would send his only son here to pay for our sins so that we do not have to. We can have eternal life because he paid the price for us. What a gift, and a gift that no one deserves!
On Sunday we had lunch at our house after church with my family. I have a new favorite salad recipe to share. It is oh so good-kind of dessertish and not at all good for you. The weather was so nice! We had lots of food, desserts and a few egg hunts for Miss Hayes. She was soooo tired and crashed during lunch. But then she had a good long 3 hour nap and recharged herself for the afternoon!

The Easter bunny came and dropped off some new crayons and other fun things for Hayes. We will see how long they last without getting eaten or thrown away for coloring walls or floors!

Hunting eggs with Nana and Pop Pop

Hope you had a great Easter weekend too!!