Thursday, April 22, 2010

Storytime and a Picnic

We had a fun and totally unplanned playdate with some friends this morning at the Whole Foods storytime. We had never been to the one at WF but it was AWESOME!! The lady leading the storytime, Ms. Kat, did a really good job keeping the kids entertained with her guitar and singing. Then after that part was over they had an earth day craft for the kids, playdough, which I was so excited about b/c I'd been thinking about getting some for Miss Priss. But I quickly figured out she's not quite ready for it. It went straight to her mouth and I'm sure she ate a good little bit with is being stuck on all her little fingers. Maybe in a couple of months. THEN, they had SNACKS for the kids!! Music, crafts and snacks-we will definitely be back next week! So Hayes ate most of her chicken nuggets and then was ready for playtime in their little kids play area. She had the best time w/her little friends, bouncing and clapping and actually paid attention to most of it. I have to say I am always leary of storytimes b/c Hayes does NOT like to listen to stories yet and therefore acts like a wild monkey the whole time at these things while the other kids either sit in their mom's laps or actually participate! As a teacher that kills me!! She doesn't like to read her books or for anyone to read one to her, just likes to throw them around and step on them. If you are reading to her, she will get the book out of your hand and close it! Ahh! I'm sure one day she'll like stories but for now that is NOT her thing. She would much rather play with toys or anything in my purse.

Laura Lyn and Emery, me and Hayes, Lindsey and Anna Leigh (now 4 months!!) and Christine and Jack

Here is a hint to our grandparents-Hayes had a ball playing in the play kitchen. I think she could entertain herself for hours with the kitchen toys!! She loves to play on the kitchen floor while I am cooking supper with bowls, lids, and spoons. I can't wait until she's big enough to actually help me!!

Then we came home and had a picnic on the front porch. It's a beautiful day. I just want to stay outside all day long. Except during her naptime, we all need a break then!

Do you have a swimsuit yet for the summer?! - Land's End has all their swimsuits 30% off today only which ends up being a really good deal. I just ordered mine and really hope I like it when it gets here. Thanks for the tip Alyssa! We are ready for the summer and some pool days at our house!!


The Nichols Family said...

it was SO fun seeing y'all today...Hayes is growing up too fast & is quite the beauty! :) Hope to see y'all again soon...

The DeRieux Family said...

We had so much fun today! Looking forward to the next storytime and picnic :)