Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

I LOVE to look back and see how much Hayes has changed. It is amazing to see what she was like a year ago and then to see how much she has grown and developed since then!!

Easter 2009-she had no clue who the Easter bunny was and did not care who held her.

Easter 2010-she still has no clue who the Easter bunny is but does NOT want that big rabbit holding her! And I do not blame her. He was very friendly but a little strange looking!!

Easter Morning 2009

Easter Morning 2010

We had a wonderful Easter weekend! We stayed here in Birmingham and some of my family came in town on Saturday. We visited my sweet Grandmama who seems to be doing a lot better now. She is in a great facility here in Birmingham and will be doing physical therapy for the next 2 weeks. She was so sweet and looked so pretty when we saw her Saturday. We hope she'll get to go home soon when she gains more strength!!

I love Easter! It's such a special time, remembering the ultimate sacrifice Jesus made for us and knowing just how much he loves each one of us. I cannot imagine anything worse as a mother than knowing something bad would happen to your child. It's amazing that God loved the whole world that much (including everyone who he knew would hate him), that he would send his only son here to pay for our sins so that we do not have to. We can have eternal life because he paid the price for us. What a gift, and a gift that no one deserves!
On Sunday we had lunch at our house after church with my family. I have a new favorite salad recipe to share. It is oh so good-kind of dessertish and not at all good for you. The weather was so nice! We had lots of food, desserts and a few egg hunts for Miss Hayes. She was soooo tired and crashed during lunch. But then she had a good long 3 hour nap and recharged herself for the afternoon!

The Easter bunny came and dropped off some new crayons and other fun things for Hayes. We will see how long they last without getting eaten or thrown away for coloring walls or floors!

Hunting eggs with Nana and Pop Pop

Hope you had a great Easter weekend too!!


lindseykennedy said...

Oh that Daisy! She has definately changed alot. I love the dresses! I have to laugh at this year's Easter bunny though. WOW, he looks crazy. Most E bunny costumes are weird looking though. I wish we could have been together. We missed yall in Dothan for sure!

Suzanne Barfield said...

Amy, She is the cutest thing- that Easter bunny picture is great. I wish we could get together soon and let them play! I miss you! Glad you had a good Easter! Love you!

Jessica said...

Wow! She really has changed SO, SO, SO much in one year. Hayes is sooo beautiful. I love her curls! By the way, the Easter Bunny from this year is a little creepy and deformed looking. She's a smart girl for being creeped out by him!