Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mary Hannah!!

Our sweet and adorable little niece Mary Hannah is having a birthday today. She is turning SIX years old! I cannot believe that. It seems like she should be Hayes' age still, running around and wearing diapers! Mary Hannah is so funny and silly, smart, VERY creative, curious, energetic and playful; everything you would expect from a 6 year old little girl! And she is definitely Alyssa and Cory's "think outside the box" child. She is finishing up kindergarten and will be a BIG 1st grader in August. Really where does time go? I know I will blink and we will be planning Hayes' 6th birthday party. MH in all her creative little thinking has decided she is having a puppy party. All the girls are bringing their favorite puppies to show off. They have a runway and everything and they will all get awards for their puppy! I know it will be sooo much fun for her. We love you so much Mary Hannah and we're so proud of you!! Hayes wishes she knew how to say "happy birthday!" maybe next year though!!

So happy!

Loves her cousins

And her big sister Holley

This one of MH and Hayes is so funny to me!

Happy Birthday to you sweet girl!!


Tara said...

Hope your neice has a Happy Birthday! I just noticed the bunny dress up at the top. How adorable!!

lindseykennedy said...

Happy Birthday Mary Hannah!

Susannah said...

Love that name-Mary Hannah! Happy Birthday to her too! She is a beauty. And I LOVE the idea of the puppy party-great idea! :)