Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Our Thanksgiving

We had the best Thanksgiving week this year. We stayed in Dothan from Tuesday-Saturday and spent time with both families. It was really, really nice!! We love seeing all of them and playing with all of our cousins. And we celebrated Shug and Lindsey's birthdays-both right around Thanksgiving. I took so many pictures but seem to have camera cord problems these days so they did not all upload right! Oh well! Still have plenty of good memories with these. I'm so thankful for each person in all these pictures, and all of those that I somehow don't have pictures of too-Savannah and Stacie, Pop Pop and Susan, Ann and Bill, Lindsey and Brent. Happy Thanksgiving to all and now on to Christmas! We are getting our house decorated and it's so festive and colorful and fun. It's even more fun to see Hayes loving the trees and decorations. I love this time of year, all the way from September through December. Enjoy the pics!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving Music Program and other things

Hayes had her Thanksgiving program last Friday at school. This year the 3's were Indians and they sang 3 little songs. She was so pumped all week about her family coming to watch her. She was singing but she was definitely scanning the crowd to see who was watching her and where everybody was sitting! I don't know if I've mentioned on this blog how much she loves preschool this year. She has the sweetest teachers and class and she really can't get enough of it. She plays school and chapel every day multiple times. She is constantly setting up all her babies and animals and making them do centers! She does a pretty good job too of teaching them! She will pull out legos, books, paint, kitchen, etc and set the babies there to play. Definitely a teacher in the making!
Her teachers she loves-Catherine and Carrie-the biggest reasons she loves school!
A BIG thank you to our family for making the trip to see the little Indian perform-Nana and Papa and Shug and Honey-you all made her day!!
Our little yard helpers...
First fire of the season...
Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Peanut Festival

This year we were so excited to take the kids to the peanut festival! Rides, tractors, animals, games, food-there is just so much to do and see there. We went every year growing up, and now it's fun to be able to take our little ones. They both went last year and Hayes was able to ride lots of rides, but Watson was in a stroller-totally different story this year!! I think we picked the most crowded day at the most crowded time to go which stressed this mama out to the MAX in a crowd like that with both my kids. Being held/confined/not able to be free is not a strong skill for Watson so you can imagine how hard it was to have to hold a wild baby tiger and then wait in lines! We started with the carousel and then went around to the tractors which was so fun for all the kids. All different sizes to climb up and sit on and they loved it. Then we went to the petting zoo with a mixture of farm animals and wild animals you could pet-kind of funny and strange. We made our way back around to the rides and the crowd was a little better and they were able to ride alot of things. It was so funny to watch their faces on the rides!! We ended our night w/corndogs and elephant ears-sooooooo good. It was a fun night w/the fam. Thank you Shug and Grandaddy for a fun trip!!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Dothan and Cousins

Last weekend we packed up and headed to Dothan for a long weekend and stayed with Grandaddy and Shug. We left late Thursday so we could have an extra day there. A weekend is never enough time to see everybody so this worked so much better having all day Friday! Hayes and I met Alyssa and Carson for lunch. Hayes was in heaven. Cousins are just her thing and she loves all of them more than anything. Every single one of them!!
Even though he's a few years older, she and Carson are good playmates. And oh how she thinks he is sooooo cool!
Then the big girls got out of school to play!!!
Lindsey and Brent and Baker and Zoe came Friday so that was a fun treat for H & W to wake up to more cousins. Saturday was the peanut festival day!! Last year was so much fun so we had really been looking forward to it, especially having 2 little riders this year. Lots of Fun, be back later with pics!!