Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving Music Program and other things

Hayes had her Thanksgiving program last Friday at school. This year the 3's were Indians and they sang 3 little songs. She was so pumped all week about her family coming to watch her. She was singing but she was definitely scanning the crowd to see who was watching her and where everybody was sitting! I don't know if I've mentioned on this blog how much she loves preschool this year. She has the sweetest teachers and class and she really can't get enough of it. She plays school and chapel every day multiple times. She is constantly setting up all her babies and animals and making them do centers! She does a pretty good job too of teaching them! She will pull out legos, books, paint, kitchen, etc and set the babies there to play. Definitely a teacher in the making!
Her teachers she loves-Catherine and Carrie-the biggest reasons she loves school!
A BIG thank you to our family for making the trip to see the little Indian perform-Nana and Papa and Shug and Honey-you all made her day!!
Our little yard helpers...
First fire of the season...
Happy Thanksgiving!

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