Saturday, November 17, 2012

Dothan and Cousins

Last weekend we packed up and headed to Dothan for a long weekend and stayed with Grandaddy and Shug. We left late Thursday so we could have an extra day there. A weekend is never enough time to see everybody so this worked so much better having all day Friday! Hayes and I met Alyssa and Carson for lunch. Hayes was in heaven. Cousins are just her thing and she loves all of them more than anything. Every single one of them!!
Even though he's a few years older, she and Carson are good playmates. And oh how she thinks he is sooooo cool!
Then the big girls got out of school to play!!!
Lindsey and Brent and Baker and Zoe came Friday so that was a fun treat for H & W to wake up to more cousins. Saturday was the peanut festival day!! Last year was so much fun so we had really been looking forward to it, especially having 2 little riders this year. Lots of Fun, be back later with pics!!

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