Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A girl and her microphone

I have to post this before I forget...it's so funny to me and definitely worth writing down! Hayes has taken a huge interest in the microphone since school started-in chapel Mrs. Brooke talks/sings/prays on the microphone on stage and she just thinks it's the coolest thing. So she got a microphone at the fair this past weekend (another post coming on that!) and I caught her up on the table this afternoon performing. She always starts her songs/performances with "good morning boys and girls!" She will make up a crazy song in a split second usually about whatever she can see at the moment, this time was about food...all in a sing-song voice so that made it even more hilarious...
Broccoli is my favorite food, oh yesssss it is, broccoli and green beans, I eat alot of those. I eat plenty of rice tooooooo, And I eat plenty of pasta. I eat plenty of things, I eat alot of things. Eaaaattttt...Afternoon snacks, I eat some yogurt. We had donuts for breakfast but that's not very healthyyyyyyy. It isn't healthy for tummies but broccoli and green beans and rice iiiiiissssss. I know that is healthy yes it iiiisssss. Everything's my favorite except squaaaaaaash.
And bath tub shaving cream/paint-thank you, Lindsey, for the idea. They love this so much, good distraction for Watson since he hasn't liked bathtime for the past month!

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