Sunday, November 4, 2012

Trick or Treating

These little ones had a full and very fun night of trick or treating this year! We were not sure how Watson would do or how long he could hang in there, but he was a trooper! We skipped the neighborhood party first and instead ate pizza and played in the backyard until dark. They did so good-our precious friend Emma Kate came too-we missed little brother Parker! We probably went to 25 houses and they got so much candy. Watson caught on to the process at about house #2 and then he was all about getting his candy in his bucket. The only time he lagged behind was when he was stopping to try to eat more candy. Hayes would tell the person at the door-wait my brother needs some candy too if he wasn't quite up there yet, such a little caretaker. It was a super fun night and surprisingly nobody even melted at the end, even after all the sugar and late night! And we loved having our friends with us!

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Anonymous said...

That melted my heart about Hayes saying her brother needed candy too!! Sweet girl! They look so precious.