Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Monkeys

Silly, silly, silly babies. They are all over each other all the time. At this stage-1 and 3-they are smitten with each other and have alot of fun together. Neither one can keep their hands off the other one. They are going to Dothan (on vacation Hayes says) in a few weeks to stay with their grandparents and I'm so glad they both get to go. They would be lost without the other one there w/them!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Backyard

We play outside a whole lot. Like most kids I think both of mine would like to live outside and never, ever have to go in for anything. If they had endless snacks and beds out there they would be set. Coming in everyday is almost always a battle, but I'm so glad they like the outdoors. We've had such nice weather lately so it's hard to not be out there enjoying it. I tried to get a pic together and this is as close as they would get to each other!
Our backyard has been a long work in progress since we moved into our house 16 months ago. It's come along way, trust me! We just had a deck and fence built last week so we've been eating outside more which has been fun. Watson loves it and is obsessed with picking up sticks all over the deck and yard. I am sure this is common for most little boys. He does like the outside toys, but he'd much rather pick up all the sticks and rocks and examine each one and play in the dirt.
And don't even think about taking his sticks away. you will get the wrath of a tiger if you do. Sometimes safety has to take a backseat in this boy's world. Just kidding. I do try to monitor how many sticks he's running around the yard with just hoping he won't poke himself in the eye when he falls. It really does scare me to death. Nathan thinks it's okay though-there's the difference in a mama and a daddy!
Sweet sister, such a little mama, to baby and to Watson!
And this is a face we see at least a few times a day. MAD AS FIRE about something. Who knows what! I don't even remember. This man can throw some tantrums, no video, but just imagine this face with feet stomping and arms waving. I am sure I will be praying some self control verses over this one for a while. That little temper will flare up at the drop of a hat. Is this common in boys or just ours? Hayes didn't do this at his age, she has her own hissyfits at times but they don't look like this!
We have our fair share of rocks and dirt for the moment which is so fun for them. Grass is coming soon though thankfully!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Helping Daddy

Hayes is a good mix of a mommy and daddy's girl. I think she enjoys doing things with both of us thankfully. She is always into helping Daddy though when he gets his tools out or anything else that she doesn't normally get to play with. Her favorite lately is the measuring tape. She wants to measure everything in sight. Yesterday Nathan was taking a door off and she made sure she didn't miss the action. She got the screwdriver as soon as he put it down and went to work! Such a sweet little helper!!
We had a great weekend-played outside, birthday party, baby shower, had friends over, and church and lunch and more outside play on Sunday. Our yard has had/still having a good makeover so that has been the highlight around here. But the main highlight at this moment is that both my children are napping at the same time. One in the car and one in the bed. however it works out I will take it. This happens about once every 2 months so it's a big day. I'm eating chocolate chip cookies to celebrate my free time. Happy Monday!

Monday, April 16, 2012

One last Easter event and the weekend

I forgot to blog about this earlier...we went to the Dawson Easter egg hunt a few Saturdays ago. H & W had a great time, not so much w/the egg hunts (they only got about 3 eggs b/t the 2 of them!) but there are so many other fun things-bouncy houses, snowcones, cookie decorating-Hayes' favorite of course.

Thank you to my sweet friend Deidre for the precious outfits!!

Checking out the ponies

Hunting eggs but none to be found!

Yea he found 1!!

Her favorite thing ever

Lunch on the go

I have only 1 little pic of our past weekend trip to Dothan. Our neices were in a play so we trekked down there to see them in Beauty and the Beast. It was a cute play and they did so good. They were enchanted books. I think HECTIC would sum up the weekend. Watson despises his carseat no matter what all tricks you pull out and Hayes' body does not mesh well w/sugar-learned that the hard way a few times over the weekend. Pretty much we do not travel well in this stage of a 1 and 3 year old. I think I spent about $40 in snacks and new pacis (which we lost) just for the car ride. Crazy times! But we got to see our family and that is all that matters. We love them. We may be staying home and out of the car for a while, hopefully, at least until next month. Thanks Nana and Papa for putting up w/us!

Carson-5- and Hayes-3. Great playmates for each other. They spent the night together Friday night and had the best time!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Weekend 2012

We just had the best Easter weekend. Nana and Papa came to visit and we had a great time with them. We played outside, ate, went to the zoo, hunted eggs, Nathan and I had an awesome 5 hour afternoon date on Saturday-which never happens! It was great. We did some house stuff we have been needing to do but are never without our children during the day to get anything done! More on that later. I really tried to zone in with Hayes this year why we celebrate Easter and tried to drill her Bible verse into her over and over. Mark 24:16 Jesus is alive! We practiced it, we read the Easter story, we played with her little Easter felt board. I know with time she will understand more and more. I just never want to underestimate what she is capable of learning just because she is little. I just hope she absorbs more than I think she does sometimes. Sweetness. What she did understand easily about Easter was all the candy and egg hunting that came with the weekend. I think that sugar is my new enemy for my children. I am really leaning towards becoming a sugar-free house-well at least for them-maybe not for us!

We dyed our eggs Friday afternoon and made a little centerpiece

and when little brother got up from his nap it was time for egg hunting!!

mainly for Hayes, she grabbed his basket too though and piled it up for him

Saturday morning we went to the zoo and everyone did so good, I think. My brain is fried so that maybe wrong?! It was fun. Watson walked part of the time so it was a much longer visit than we usually have.

It was snack time the entire time we were there. Both sets of those jaws ate crackers for about 3 solid hours.

Carousel time!

Watson loved that big tractor over by the petting zoo. I don't think I've ever noticed it and he walked right up to it and wanted to climb up so bad! Boys and girls are so different. We are seeing that more and more daily with our two. It's really interesting.

That is all for now. It's bedtime and I just can't think or write at night!
Happy Easter!