Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Backyard

We play outside a whole lot. Like most kids I think both of mine would like to live outside and never, ever have to go in for anything. If they had endless snacks and beds out there they would be set. Coming in everyday is almost always a battle, but I'm so glad they like the outdoors. We've had such nice weather lately so it's hard to not be out there enjoying it. I tried to get a pic together and this is as close as they would get to each other!
Our backyard has been a long work in progress since we moved into our house 16 months ago. It's come along way, trust me! We just had a deck and fence built last week so we've been eating outside more which has been fun. Watson loves it and is obsessed with picking up sticks all over the deck and yard. I am sure this is common for most little boys. He does like the outside toys, but he'd much rather pick up all the sticks and rocks and examine each one and play in the dirt.
And don't even think about taking his sticks away. you will get the wrath of a tiger if you do. Sometimes safety has to take a backseat in this boy's world. Just kidding. I do try to monitor how many sticks he's running around the yard with just hoping he won't poke himself in the eye when he falls. It really does scare me to death. Nathan thinks it's okay though-there's the difference in a mama and a daddy!
Sweet sister, such a little mama, to baby and to Watson!
And this is a face we see at least a few times a day. MAD AS FIRE about something. Who knows what! I don't even remember. This man can throw some tantrums, no video, but just imagine this face with feet stomping and arms waving. I am sure I will be praying some self control verses over this one for a while. That little temper will flare up at the drop of a hat. Is this common in boys or just ours? Hayes didn't do this at his age, she has her own hissyfits at times but they don't look like this!
We have our fair share of rocks and dirt for the moment which is so fun for them. Grass is coming soon though thankfully!

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