Thursday, April 5, 2012

One of his favorite things

We have a new driver. This is one of Watson's favorite things to do ever, to get in the driver's seat and play! He goes nuts if we put him up in the front seat w/us, banging on the steering wheel, turning up the radio, and pressing every button he can find. It is hilarious and if we are not in a hurry I let him sit w/me before he gets into his carseat.

He also started saying "weeeeee" on the swing this week and saying Daddy this week but it sounds either like "Da" or Da-E". He stomps around the house screaming his name and even said "hey Da-e" the other night! Nathan is his new bff once 5:00 comes. He leaves me behind and goes straight for him. I mean he LOVES him and thinks he is so much fun, and I love watching them. He has also turned part monkey and climbs everything in sight-chairs, ottoman, dressers, sofa, etc. Can't turn my back on him for more than a few seconds. He is a mess! He is a fun little age. Still napping twice a day which I love, still taking bottles which he loves, and just a great playmate for his sister. They are two peas in a pod. I'm just so incredibly thankful for them both and can't believe everyday they are ours. God is so good.

Happy Good Friday and a blessed Easter weekend to your family!

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Shannon said...

I love it! and Collier still to this day loves to 'drive'. He will sit and turn every knob and button that he can and even wants his seat belt on at times. I guess it is a boy thing! Watson is so stink'n cute!