Monday, April 16, 2012

One last Easter event and the weekend

I forgot to blog about this earlier...we went to the Dawson Easter egg hunt a few Saturdays ago. H & W had a great time, not so much w/the egg hunts (they only got about 3 eggs b/t the 2 of them!) but there are so many other fun things-bouncy houses, snowcones, cookie decorating-Hayes' favorite of course.

Thank you to my sweet friend Deidre for the precious outfits!!

Checking out the ponies

Hunting eggs but none to be found!

Yea he found 1!!

Her favorite thing ever

Lunch on the go

I have only 1 little pic of our past weekend trip to Dothan. Our neices were in a play so we trekked down there to see them in Beauty and the Beast. It was a cute play and they did so good. They were enchanted books. I think HECTIC would sum up the weekend. Watson despises his carseat no matter what all tricks you pull out and Hayes' body does not mesh well w/sugar-learned that the hard way a few times over the weekend. Pretty much we do not travel well in this stage of a 1 and 3 year old. I think I spent about $40 in snacks and new pacis (which we lost) just for the car ride. Crazy times! But we got to see our family and that is all that matters. We love them. We may be staying home and out of the car for a while, hopefully, at least until next month. Thanks Nana and Papa for putting up w/us!

Carson-5- and Hayes-3. Great playmates for each other. They spent the night together Friday night and had the best time!

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