Monday, April 23, 2012

Helping Daddy

Hayes is a good mix of a mommy and daddy's girl. I think she enjoys doing things with both of us thankfully. She is always into helping Daddy though when he gets his tools out or anything else that she doesn't normally get to play with. Her favorite lately is the measuring tape. She wants to measure everything in sight. Yesterday Nathan was taking a door off and she made sure she didn't miss the action. She got the screwdriver as soon as he put it down and went to work! Such a sweet little helper!!
We had a great weekend-played outside, birthday party, baby shower, had friends over, and church and lunch and more outside play on Sunday. Our yard has had/still having a good makeover so that has been the highlight around here. But the main highlight at this moment is that both my children are napping at the same time. One in the car and one in the bed. however it works out I will take it. This happens about once every 2 months so it's a big day. I'm eating chocolate chip cookies to celebrate my free time. Happy Monday!

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