Tuesday, March 5, 2013

All Aboard!

Last Saturday we celebrated our little Watson's 2nd birthday with a choo choo train party at home! We had a few friends from church and a few friends from his class over to play and eat cupcakes. It was precious. It also happened to be one of the coldest days this winter with snow flurries all day long, soooo that meant that my backyard birthday party plans had to be moved indoors! It all worked perfectly though and I wouldn't change a thing. Watson loves choo choo trains so the theme was an obvious choice for him. "All Aboard!" is a frequent phrase around here! We had family in town so we had some good helpers for the party. Thank you Shug for being our tattoo artist! We put the train table in the den (as opposed to the deck:) and the huge black train sign was supposed to be outside to color with sidewalk chalk, instead we just hung it on the wall in the party room (aka living room!) We hung a the train pinata inside-the kind w/strings, not the bat-and the kitchen table was the tattoo station. We love some birthday party tattoos! Watson was so proud of his on both arms! I found this little pin the caboose on the train game and they loved it. Hayes and Watson have played it numerous times since Saturday. I don't think it's going anywhere any time soon either! Still taped up in the living room! here is Watson, soooooo proud of his thomas tattoos... We sang happy birthday and I hope I never forget how big and sweet Watson was smiling. We have it on video and I have watched it over and over. He was SO happy and excited about the birthday song and loved every second of it!! the funny thing was he was sitting at the big table with everyone and then hopped up and preferred to sit at the little white table all by himself to eat his cupcake and ice cream, no one else allowed! Whatever, birthday boy! Pinata fun...they all got to pull a few strings...but Nathan had to eventually cut the bottom! Here is W giving hugs and kisses and cookies to his party guests...he loved passing out the treats! It was a sweet party for a sweet boy. We love you, Watsa Bam Bam!! So thankful for you every single day!!

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Amanda said...

Wow! Such a cute and fun party! The birthday boy looks like he had so much fun!