Thursday, March 14, 2013

Almost Spring

I am loving the time change. I think it works in our favor in so many ways, one specifically is that it's almost 7 and everyone is still asleep. I love time by myself in the mornings before anyone gets up for the day. I'm hoping this sleeping late streak will continue! We are all so ready for the spring and warmer weather. Last weekend was soooooo nice with the warm sunshine both days. We spent most of the day outside both days. Hayes is constantly in major mommy mode. She loves to "take care" of Watson in many ways, loves to teach AND correct him. Such a little mama. I know it drives him crazy though!! He has many more years of that ahead of him I'm sure... "You be careful, have a good day okay?" Bless her heart and his We took riding toys to the park last weekend and they loved it, forgot helmets though! Watson is super fast on his little plasma car, it's hilarious! And Hayes is doing so good riding her bike-"look how good I'm doing!" over and over!!! Two peas in a pod

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