Monday, July 30, 2012

The Dentist

This morning I took both kids to the dentist for a checkup. I was nervous about how it would be having both getting their teeth cleaned. Every time Hayes has been we have had a meltdown/fall apart session. I asked Nathan to say a prayer for me at 10-not sure if he did or not?!! She did not go back willingly but did pretty good. When the lady came out to get her, she immediately ran up and told her "Watson has sugar on his teeth!" like we were only there for him and that she wouldn't have to see the dentist. That did not work! I am proud of her. I know that is scary to have to go back by yourself! She was teary when she finished and I came back to see her. But she got a bag of treats and big time praise for not sucking her thumb anymore! Big boy got his teeth cleaned too. He's still so little, but Hayes had an appt. anyway and he's on our dental insurance too so I figured he might as well go at the same time. They both got good reports and clean teeth! And both were almost in a trance when we left. I think going to the dentist is probably the most traumatic experience either have ever had. They both acted like they were in shock when we got in the car and then both passed out asleep on the way to Target at 11:00 in the morning!

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