Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Week in Dothan

Summer is starting to feel like it's been here for a while now! My days are blurring together. Our summer has been busy and very un-relaxing. That is to be expected I guess with no schedule and 2 small children who are never, ever still. Nathan had a work trip last week so the kids and I spent the week in Dothan with the grandparents. It was a full and fun week. We visited lots of family and friends, went to a baby shower, had my fill of Mama Rosa's and Mex. Connection and just enjoyed having extra hands w/my children! I did not take my camera so these were a few pics snapped during the week from my mom's camera. One of the highlights of the week was getting to see old friends. Good friends who I love but don't get to see nearly enough!! Hayes and I had a lunch date w/Kelli and her little girl Elsie. They only noticed each other when it was over though! We had a girls nights one night too so it was fun to catch up with each other. We missed Nathan so, so, so much. I could never be one to get used to a traveling husband. H & W are CRAZY about their Daddy and loved hearing him on the phone. As a sidenote, Hayes has become a decent conversationalist on the telephone. Trying to snap them together hardly ever works! This is usually as good as it gets. At least they are both in the camera lense. I love that our family loves us and looks forward to us coming home. It's a good feeling knowing my babies are so loved. I'm learning/seeing more and more how extremely short and unexpected life is. We had a great lesson on Sunday (we always have practical, real world lessons in our class-it's amazing) and then at lunch we sat near a beautiful family who lost their mother about 2 months ago. A YOUNG mother. It's so hard to think about without getting emotional. I think God puts these stories/situations/people (that we don't even know) in our path to help us recognize our own need for Him and to never take our blessings for granted. We have alot of crazy, stressful moments as probably every one with little people in the house. But those are just moments and they usually pass pretty quickly. We have lots of laughter and love in this house and I am so thankful. I want to make every day count with my babies. They are growing up way too fast. Hayes is such a sweet, mature (mostly), independent little girl. And Watson, he is just WILD and silly in every sense of the word. He is learning so much and trying to talk more every day. I should do a monthly post for them soon so I can remember specifics. Nathan and I celebrated 7 years of marriage this month. I love him way, way more than I can express with words. I'm thankful God chose him just for me. I love living life with him. Happy anniversary, Nathan!!

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