Thursday, June 28, 2012

A work in progress

Hayes has been a thumb-sucker since she was itty-bitty. I can't remember exactly when she started, but all I know is it seems like forever! She is almost 3 1/2 now and we have been talking about quitting for a little while, not really drawing any negative attention towards it, but just talking about it. Our goal (okay well really mine) was for her to stop by the time she starts her 3 yr old preschool class in September and she has been on board with this too. My mom brought her some cute turtle band-aids a few weekends ago (thank you, Nana) b/c she is 3 and just really likes band-aids. I randomly asked her last week if she wanted to put some on her thumbs. YES!!! So she wore the turtle band-aids off and on for a couple of days and then on Sunday she went grocery shopping w/me and I let her pick out her own. She picked Dora of course. She has worn those band-aids like clockwork and I am so excited to say she is on DAY FIVE of not sucking her thumb. CRAZY! I hope her good streak will continue. We have made sure to give her lots of positive comments and praise. I'm just so proud of her b/c it has been so natural for her the past 3+ years. I have talked to lots of other moms whose children have sucked their thumbs and they have told me they had to promise some big things as a reward for their kids. Hmmm there will be no dog or kitty cat in her near future, per her daddy, but I told her if she could stop sucking her thumb we would have a party for her. Cake, balloons, ice cream, whatever! I'm just so proud of her and I'm very thankful for that $2.75 dora box of 20 band-aids which I thought was a complete rip off at the time. Thankfully she is only using 2 a day. I will buy her all the boxes she needs if she just keeps it up. GOOOOOOOOOOOO Hayesie Daisy!

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Anonymous said...

Oh what a big girl! It kind of makes me sad to think about her being too big to suck her thumb. :( I know its best though. She looks so pretty in the first picture. Her hair is getting so blonde. Love her!!

Aunt Lindsey