Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer Days

We are thoroughly enjoying our summer. We have been busy one minute and lazy the next. We've been to the library twice which I am so excited about b/c they have lots of fun things going on every day I did not know about, chick fil a, played with some friends, read books, played outside, and eaten way too many snacks and popsicles. Watson's new hobby/obsession for the past couple of weeks is books. He loooooovvvves his books. Especially his abc book or any animal book or any book with sounds. I'm so excited that he gets so excited about stories. Hayes' new thing is to "play kindergarten." I went through all of my old kindergarten boxes in the garage and pulled out lots of new books for her and old lesson plans and crafts. Every day she wants to play kindergarten and do some kind of project. It's been fun for her and it is fun to look back at those activities we used to do every year at school. My mom gave me a pedicure gift certificate for Mothers Day and Hayes and I went last week and she got one too! It was fun. She sat in lap the whole time which did not make for the most relaxing pedicure. She loved it though and now has some neon pink toes-her choice-way better than the neon green she was eyeing at first. We are looking forward to a relaxing and low key weekend. Always exciting to have daddy all to ourselves for 2 whole days. Happy Friday!

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