Saturday, June 2, 2012

Dora and Diego

We are taking advantage of all the free/cheap things around town this summer so far! Our big girl is a huge fan of Dora these days. She knows all the characters on the show which is really funny that she listens and pays attention and always wants to invite Dora to come over to play at our house. I asked how we can do that and she said we can get them out of the tv? The mind of a preschooler is very sweet and curious and interesting, bless her heart. McWane has the new Dora and Diego exhibit open now and she had a blast. It was fun and there were lots of "explorer/rescuer" things to do. Watson's favorite was the slide. He is quite the climber as most 15 month-ers must be. They went up and down over and over about 100 times. Watson is at a great age now-15 months-to soak up everything and learn! We can see his wheels turning all the time. He loves looking at fish and ducks or turtles or anything he can see up close, oh and he LOVES all his books. It's fun to watch him learn. I'm sure we will be back at McWane alot this summer. It's a great place to play if you hit it just right and it's not too crowded, usually a small chance though.

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